Everyone is Gushing Over Magnetic Lashes

Say goodbye to sticky, icky glue

You won’t meet a single woman on the planet who doesn’t want long and fluttering eyelashes. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t bestowed with this ideal and have to go about other means to compensate. Mascara is an old faithful, however, it only goes so far. False eyelashes give a dramatic effect, but the glue can be a total mess and they’re only good for one (maybe two) uses. Then there’s eyelash extensions, but those cost an arm and a leg. What’s a girl to do?

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Well, this weekend I was talking with one of my girlfriends, who’s been a longtime extensions gal. She used to go in every few weeks, however, it’s been months since her last appointment because of the pandemic. With this time off, she had some time to think and decided that instead of going back to the salon, she’s going to give magnetic lashes a go.

When she brought this up, the first thing that went through my mind was, “what are magnetic lashes?” I’d never heard of such a thing and the idea sounded dangerous. But, she turned me on to Glamnetics, a Los Angeles based beauty company who’ve patented a magnetic lash strip. The strip works with a magnetic liquid eyeliner, which can be applied in a fine line or winged out. The lash strip then sticks to the liner and voila, you’re lashes are set in place for the day. Now, their prices may be quite a bit steeper than you’re average pair of falsies, but these promise to last up to forty uses. And for all you animal lovers, while they’re known for their mink lashes, they also have a faux mink alternative. Your lash routine is about to be completely transformed, as these babies take less than a minute to apply and stay on all day long. What more could we ask for?

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For more about Glamnetics visit their website and stay tuned for more rebellious beauty at Rebel Circus.