What’s the Deal with Jade Rollers?

Have you tested out this beauty product?

If you’ve been plugged into the beauty world within the last year, you may be wondering, “What are jade rollers and what do they do?” I know I’ve been questioning this for a while, as I’ve seen numerous influencers swear by them on social media. Jade rollers are intended to increase circulation in the face, boost the skin’s natural detoxification progress, calm skin, reduce puffiness and overall, provide stress relief. This beauty technique has been used in China for centuries, however, only recently has it be popularized in the Western world.

Jade rollers can be used in a variety of ways, from rolling straight onto dry skin to helping massage serums, oils or moisturizers into the face. They’re also often kept in a freezer, as the cooled stones are known to be calming when rolled onto the face. It can be used during both the morning and nighttime beauty routines, with cleaning encouraged between uses to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Photo via Nordstrom

Now that you know how they’re used, you may be wondering, why jade? For centuries, crystals have been used in skincare routines and jade is very sacred in ancient Chinese culture. It’s thought to be a stone that promotes purification, pulling out toxins from the body. And although jade is the most traditional and prominently marketed crystal roller on the market, there are also rollers made using rose quartz and amethyst. Many users swear by these products and to know if they’ll work for you, why not try one out for yourself. There are jade rollers available at a variety of price points, making it possible for anyone to test them out.

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