There’s Now a My Chemical Romance Makeup Collection and ‘I’m Not Okay.’

Three cheers for emo beauty!

GUYS, I’M NOT OKAY. Because a My Chemical Romance makeup collection exists and I don’t have it (YET!) First ColourPop Cosmetics gave us a Hocus Pocus line, then Melt debuted their Beetlejuice collection. Now, indie makeup company Hipdot has given us a collection inspired by the band that impacted a generation.


The collection consists of a nine pan eye shadow palette, which is adorned with the band’s “Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge” album art, as well as a double ended eye shadow brush and double ended eyeliner. The collection comes in a collective box set, which includes a MCR enamel pin.


The eye shadow palette features nine unique shades, eight of which are matte and one is glitter. Each shade is embossed with a different MCR related image, including the lovers, the word revenge, a casket and tombstones. And the shade names? They’re just for MCR super fans.

The first shade, a dark blue, is named “Saints Protect Her,” after the album’s interlude.

The second, a vibrant red, is named “Pitchfork Red” after the single “It’s Not a Fashion Statement, It’s a Fucking Death Wish.”

The third, a matte black, is named Serpent Son for the single “Thank You for the Venom.”

The fourth shade, a deeper red, is named Starless Eyes after “It’s Not a Fashion Statement, It’s a Fucking Death Wish.”

The fifth shade, a light grey, is named Shotgun Sinners after the single “Hang ‘Em High.”

The sixth shade, a deep brown, is named All The Ghosts for the single “The Ghost of You.”

The seventh shade, a light orange-brown, is named Mausoleum Door after the single “Cemetery Drive.”

The eighth shade, a stark white, is named Flock of Doves for the single “You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison.”

And finally, the ninth shade, a metallic silver, is named Explosive Light after the single “Bury Me in Black.”

The collection also features a double ended black and red eye shadow brush, with one brush for color packing and another for blending. Plus, there’s a double ended eyeliner that’s one part liquid and one part gel—perfect for a sharp cat eye and a smoked out under eye.

This collection is currently sold out, however, if it does restock the palette sells for $24 and the liners and brush for $12, with the full collective set going for $64. Stay tuned to Hipdot for news of a restock.

Who knows, maybe a “Black Parade” collection is next?!

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