Essential Tarot Spreads

There's a tarot spread for everything!

Here at Rebel Circus, we talk about tarot a lot. From breakdowns of the major and minor arcana to the best tarot decks, we have dove deep into the magical world of tarot. Tarot cards are a great way to provide insight and guidance in your day-to-day life, and learning different questions and spreads to use in your readings will make them more specific, insightful and crystal clear.

Maybe you’ve wondered how a tarot reader decides which spread they’re going to use, or maybe you’ve pulled out your deck and found yourself uncertain of where to begin. Wherever you are on your path, we’ve gathered some essential tarot spreads to elevate your readings.

The Basics

One-Card Spreads

You would be surprised at how detailed and insightful a one-card pull can be. Sometimes a straightforward approach is best, especially when you’re dealing with simple questions. With a one-card pull, you’ll usually get a clear, straight-to-the-point answer.

One-card tarot spreads can be used for…

  • Yes or no questions
  • Confirmation (or rejection) of what your intuition is telling you
  • General guidance or next steps

Three-Card Spreads

The three-card tarot spreads are the most popular out there, used widely by beginners and seasoned readers alike. A three-card spread has a lot to offer and is of course especially great for three-part questions.

Three-card tarot spreads can be used for insight into…

  • Past, present, future
  • Strength, weakness, advice
  • You, your partner, your relationship
  • Situation, action, outcome
  • Where you are, where you want to be, how to get there
  • Mind, body, spirit
  • Tomorrow, next week, next month
  • Embrace, accept, let go

The possibilities are really endless, which is what makes three-card spreads so popular.

Five-Card Horseshoe Spreads

The five-card horseshoe is another popular, but simple, tarot spread. This spread is favored by people who want more detailed answers but do not want to perform a more complex 10+ card spread.

Laid out in the shape of an upside-down letter “V,” the five-card horseshoe tarot spread can be used for…

  • Specific questions
  • Detailed answers

Specific Spreads

Transitions Spread

This seven-card tarot spread is excellent for birthdays, new years or other significant life events.

Card 1: what you are leaving behind

Card 2: what you are bringing forward

Card 3: energy to embody or embrace

Card 4: opportunities available

Card 5: possible challenges ahead

Card 6: what you will learn

Card 7: where you are headed

Clarity Spread

This four-card tarot spread offers clarity on any situation in your life with specific, insightful questions.

Card 1: what you need to know

Card 2: what you need to embrace

Card 3: what you need to release

Card 4: what’s next?

Should They Be Trusted? Spread

This is a great five-card tarot spread to use when someone from your past has entered your life or if you’re not sure about a person’s intentions.

Card 1: why is this person coming (back) into my life?

Card 2: what are this person’s intentions?

Card 3: should I trust this person (again)?

Card 4: will a relationship or friendship with this person be beneficial?

Card 5: overall advice for the situation

Me in the Eyes of My Partner Spread

This is a simple, four-card relationship tarot spread.

Card 1: their general impression

Card 2: what annoys them

Card 3: what they love about you

Card 4: advice for the relationship

Path and Purpose Spread

This six-card tarot spread offers insight into your life path for when you’re feeling unclear about next steps.

Card 1: what would benefit me to focus on at this time?

Card 2: what would benefit me to remove focus from?

Card 3: where is my current path headed?

Card 4: where is my ideal path headed?

Card 5: what can I do to close the variance between the two?

Card 6: a skill or attribute to assist me

Dream Spread

This three-card tarot spread is great for general interpretations of any dreams you may have.

Card 1: subconscious message or what is below the surface

Card 2: conscious message or what is on the surface

Card 3: practical application of the dream’s message

The Bullshit Detector Spread

This straightforward, four-card spread will help clarify if someone is lying to you or not.

Card 1: the problem

Card 2: the lie

Card 3: the truth

Card 4: the solution

Decision-Making Spread

This six-card tarot spread will help you choose between at least three choices or paths.

Cards 1 and 2: choice 1 outcome

Cards 3 and 4: choice 2 outcome

Cards 5 and 6: choice 3 outcome

Relationship Problems Spread

This six-card spread can be super helpful in solving any issues in your relationships.

Card 1: the problem

Card 2: how you contributed

Card 3: how they contributed

Card 4: what you can do to fix it

Card 5: what will make it worse?

Card 6: ideal outcome

Remember to focus on your intentions and questions as you pull each card. And as always, listen to your intuition – that’s what will give you the best readings.