Astrological Guide to Flirting

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Flirting is a tricky art to master. It is difficult enough as it is to flirt and becomes even more difficult when you have no idea what the other person’s flirting style is or what they are attracted to. How helpful would it be to just have a cheat code to help you impress the cutie you’re crushing on?

Well, if you’re into astrology, there is. You can learn a lot about how to connect with someone through their astrological signs. Plus, you can easily ask someone, “what’s your sign?” They will most likely give you their sun sign, which represents their personality. But if you want to get more specific, you could also apply these to their moon sign, which is all about their feelings, or their Venus sign, which is about how they approach relationships and what they’re attracted to. 

Below is our guide on how to flirt with someone based on their astrological sign.


Prepare to do some charming. Aries’ interactive style is convincing, determined and direct. Catching the eye of an attractive Aries is not usually difficult. Aries craves attention, so go for it and make a big impression. Let them know you’re into them and catch their interest with overt flirtatious innuendo. They’re quick, too, so don’t forget to follow up with them by the end of the night.


Be patient, Taurus wants to have a look at you first. Taurus’ interactive style is balanced, self-assured and physical. Quite friendly, they will usually be open to your initial advances. They are impressed by self-confidence and modesty. They do not want you to come on too strong, because they need time to make up their minds. You may want to lightly touch their arm while you’re chatting and make sure to maintain eye contact. Be quiet and listen to what the Taurus has to say – if you can arouse a Taurus’s curiosity with your silence, you’ll have them sliding into your DMs in no time.  


Geminis love to initiate things, but they’re definitely not against being flirted with first. Their interactive style is upbeat, verbal and persuasive. They love to entertain and be entertained. Geminis love to be appreciated, so don’t forget to laugh at their jokes and pass them a couple of compliments. Nothing turns them off more than being ignored. They won’t respect you if you can’t keep up with them, so have your best one-liners ready and dazzle them with some wit.


Creatures of deep feelings, don’t take flirting with them lightly. Cancer’s interactive style is subtle, watchful and evaluating. Find out what they like and give it to them. They love to be sought after, especially if they like you, so they will rarely take the lead. Cancers will be most impressed by your empathy for them and your sensitivity to their wishes. They like to find out things about you on their own without being told, so wait for them to ask. A good tip when first meeting a Cancer you’re interested in is to start by showing interest in their friend circle – if their friends like you, you’re in.


You better look your best. Leo’s interactive style is watchful, patient and observant. Idle chatter is not going to get you anywhere with a Leo, so excellence is a must. Although they are always open to compliments, they will be suspicious of your attempts to impress them and will back off if they feel like you’re not sincere. Leos will be impressed by a warm, sunny, open disposition.


Virgos are guarded, so don’t intrude on their space. Their interactive style is cool, unimpressed and unflappable. Virgos are often impressed by preparation, so if you have your act together you’ve already passed through the first hurdle. Don’t try too hard to impress them because they can see right through it and to be honest, it’ll give them the ick. Without stepping on their independent streak, it could be a good idea to assist them or offer help in a task, no matter how small. 


Libras love love, be prepared to be absolutely dazzled. Their interactive style is dazzling, judgmental and magnetic. Impressing them can be a complex process as reality frequently flies out the window while they sweep you off your feet. Just appreciating a Libra is not enough, they want you to be absolutely entranced: sparkle in your eye and an open-mouthed admiration that proves your complete interest. They are turned on by how you look, how you talk, how you act and even how you smell. Concentrate on those personal factors instead of trying to woo them with outside things such as money. Point out something that makes them stand out from their crowd and you’ll have them asking for your number. 


Scorpios are highly passionate and intense people but they will not show their interest in you right from the start. They work a particular brand of magic in a subtle manner. Scorpio’s interactive style is prudent, subtle and observant. They are not likely to be the ones to do the initiating, they will instead give you the signal to proceed. Scorpios enjoy “accidental” close brushes, muted sexual innuendo and low-key inviting glances. They’re most excited by sophisticated behaviors and turned off by not-so-subtle suggestions and actions. Leave little tidbits of information about yourself to get them hooked – maintain an air of mystery around you and it may actually make them want to get to know you more.


They are usually up for anything, so attracting their interest is not too difficult. Their interactive style is physical, stimulating and dynamic. They are in constant rapid movement, so you’ll have to move quickly to keep up with them. Save your silliest, cheesiest pickup lines for them, they’ll likely get a genuine belly laugh out of it. They are drawn to those who maintain a similar sense of humor to them. Make sure you’re not negative or smothering in any way. 


You have got to approach a Capricorn the right way. Their interactive style is physical, responsive and sensuous. They will be turned on by your charm and turned off by boring and predictable suggestions or advances. They are highly responsive when the mood hits them and their feelings are further heightened when attractions are shared. Capricorns respond well to dark humor and the route to their love can be found by discovering shared ground and using that as a springboard. 


Aquarius is fun-loving. Their interactive style is lively, animated and particular. They are not interested in hassles or complications, they’re just colorful personalites wanting to have a good time. You better take advantage of the first few seconds you have their attention or have caught their eye, because they’ll disappear rapidly in the crows. Aquarius think a bit differently than most and they like to be stimulated by intelligent conversation. They are turned off by assumptions that you make about them or any obviously practiced routines you fall into that demonstrate your unresponsiveness to their individuality. They will be both startled and impressed if you can manage to take the lead in whirlwind style and sweep them off their feet. They will like the more unusual aspects of your personality and behavior. You’re officially in if they find you funny.


Get them to warm up to you by showing vulnerability. They value sensitivity and are drawn to humanity. Pisces’ interactive style is intriguing, seductive and responsive.  A Pisces would be turned on by you being sensitive enough to immediately determine their likes and dislikes without them having to recite a checklist. The way to lure the dreamy sign of Pisces is by firing up their imagination. Tease out the chase by showing interest in them, slight physical touch and playing just a tiny bit hard-to-get (don’t push it) to get them thinking about you 24/7. Be careful, though to not ignore their seductive come-ons – they have desires in your direction. They are most impressed with emotional honesty and hate all forms of phoniness.