Everything You Need to Know About Your Venus Sign

Do you know your Venus sign?

When it comes to astrology, there’s way more to each of us than just our sun sign. We’re all made up a combination of signs that are dependent on where the planets were aligned at the time of our birth. One of the most important signs to consider is our Venus sign, which impacts how we act in relationships. This sign will tell us what we need when it comes to love and how we express our feelings to our partners. Take a look at the gallery below to learn more about your Venus sign and let us know your thoughts on your Venus placement in the comments section on social media.


If your Venus is an Aries, you’re very upfront when it comes to relationships. You like to make the first move and aren’t afraid to go for what you want.

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If your Venus is in Taurus, you’re all about pleasure. You love to indulge your sensual side, whether that means lots of cuddles or getting treated like a princess by your significant other.

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If your Venus is in Gemini, you need stimulating conversations in a relationship. You need to be with someone who loves to banter and is charmed by your witty personality.

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If your Venus is in Cancer, you require emotional security. You’re a sensitive soul and prefer something committed rather than casual.

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If your Venus is in Leo, then you love showing off your relationship to the world. When you’re proud of your relationship, you can’t help but show it and your Instagram is likely full of adorable couple pictures.

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If your Venus is in Virgo, you’re all about devotion. You may not be the most traditionally romantic but you’re looking for someone to stick around for the long haul.

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If your Venus is in Libra, your require harmony in your relationship. You hate conflict and need to be with someone as willing to compromise as you are.

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If your Venus is in Scorpio, you require emotional depth in your relationships. While you may be a bit standoff-ish at first, you eventually go all in and crave passion when you’re in love.

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If your Venus is in Sagittarius, you need an adventurous love life. You want to be in a relationship that’s spontaneous and gives you the freedom to grow with your significant other.

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If your Venus is in Capricorn, you need someone who’s focused on their future. You require a partner who thinks ahead, has a plan and is all about commitment.

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If your Venus is in Aquarius, you need someone who’s down for the unconventional. You stray from tradition when it comes to love and need someone that’s open-minded to different ways of being in a relationship.

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If your Venus is in Pisces, you’re one of the most romantic people around. You wear your heart on your sleeve and aren’t afraid to shower your partner in affection.

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