What Each Sign is Doing During COVID-19

Find out how your sign is coping with the quarantine and who’s most likely breaking social distancing rules

Each sign in the zodiac has a unique set of traits which impact their love life, work life and social life. They also come into play during times of stress and conflict, such during an international pandemic. The 12 signs all have their own methods of coping with the challenges of social distancing and you might be surprised to learn how your sign is handing their quarantine.

via GIPHY Aries

Always ambitious and optimistic, Aries is taking this time to learn a new skill. Whether it be picking up a new language, mastering a difficult recipe or trying out cross-stitching—they know how to keep themselves busy during the quarantine.

via GIPHY Taurus

Practical and responsible, Taurus individuals are taking this time to update their living space. A Taurus thrives in their own environment and during this quarantine, they’re replacing their pillows, organizing their closets and giving their garden some tender loving care.

via GIPHY Gemini

Geminis value socialization and like being in constant communication with the people they care about. Therefore, during COVID-19, they’re the Zoom queens. They’re doing video chats with everyone, from coworkers to family to their friends from college that they haven’t seen in five years.

via GIPHY Cancer

Family is extremely important to Cancers and during this time, they’re likely spending their quarantine with their relatives. Whether it’s their siblings, their parents or a childhood best friend that feels like a sister, Cancers are taking this time to get close with their loved ones.

via GIPHY Leo

Leos are known for being very creative and confident, so during COVID-19 they’re documenting their every thought on their blog. They want the world to know how they’re handling their quarantine and aren’t afraid to keep their following updated with their daily musings. And their magnetic presence will keep us all wanting more.

via GIPHY Virgo

A global pandemic is basically every Virgos worst nightmare, as they’re easily the biggest germaphobes of the zodiac. During the quarantine, they’re keeping busy by cleaning their entire house—taking spring cleaning to the next level. If you want to know who’s hoarding the Clorox wipe, it’s the Virgos.

via GIPHY Libra

Libras love spending as much time as possible in nature, so they’re taking at least one walk a day during the quarantine. And while this social sign would obviously prefer to spend time with a friend, they’re settling for some solo time in the outdoors.

via GIPHY Scorpio

Scorpios are incredibly passionate and sensual, which often makes its way into the bedroom. If they’re quarantining with a partner, Scorpios are taking this time to explore the endless bounds of emotional and physical intimacy. If they’re quarantining solo, expect a few naughty conjugal visits here and there.

via GIPHY Sagittarius

Sagittarians love to travel and COVID-19 likely put a wrench in their springtime vacation. After getting their credits from the airline, expect to find Sagittarians taking this time to plan the perfect getaway, once the quarantine is lifted.

via GIPHY Capricorn

If anyone is panicking about the impact COVID-19 will have on the economy, it’s Capricorn. They’re putting all their energy into their work right now and saving every extra penny that comes their way—even though they’ve spent their lives saving for something like this to come along.

via GIPHY Aquarius

Aquarians are naturally curious and love being part of an intellectual discussion. They’re spending this quarantine investigating the pandemic and talking about it’s impact with their friends online. And as the humanitarians of the zodiac, they’re doing what they can to raise awareness for people in need during this time.

via GIPHY Pisces

Pisces are exceptionally creative and that creativity often manifests in a love for music. Whether they’re playing music themselves or diving deep into their favorite Spotify podcast, expect a Pisces to spend their quarantine jamming out in one way or another.