These Ladies are Alt Mama Goals

These mamas are bold, beautiful and oh yeah, BADASS

When you look at pregnancy and mom blogs, you see a lot of the same thing. Clean cut normies with the perfect picket fence life. And no shade to that, but that’s never been in the cards for me. In 2020, there are so many different ways to be a good mom and many of them include brightly colored hair, badass fashion and heaps of tattoos.

For all of you who’re looking to follow an amazing alt mama and follow someone experiencing motherhood outside of the mainstream, we’ve got you covered. We’ve found some of our favorite influencers who are either currently pregnant or have already had one (or multiple) kids. Take a look at these rad moms in the gallery below and let us know your thoughts on our list in the comments section on social media.


This mama to be is the definition of fierce and that makeup—flawless.

@mrsxrebel and @terrysuxx

What’s better than one badass alt mama? Two of course!

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Ok baby girl we’re ready for you 💜

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This “Ink Master” winner just received the biggest prize of all.


This Australian tattoo model is blessed with a beautiful baby girl.


Mother, mogul, model and a restaurateur—is there anything Monami Frost can’t do?


Brittanya Razavi had kids young, but that hasn’t stopped her from reaching her dreams.


A bodysuit of amazing ink hasn’t stopped this mother daughter duo from taking the mainstream modeling world by storm.

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My mini & me. 🖤 #motherdaughter

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This sex worker, advocate and published journalist is going against the grain while raising a beautiful daughter.


Tessa Lizz is a triple threat—EDM Dj, wig company CEO and badass mama.


This YouTuber has shown her fans her journey through motherhood step-by-step and is totally excelling at parenting.


One half of Melt Cosmetics’ dynamic duo, Arellano balances a thriving beauty brand with motherhood.

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Gemini & Leo 💚 Mi corazon!!! #meltgemini

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