Do I Bother With Online Dating During COVID-19?

Social distancing is hitting the love world hard.

Today marks one month of social distancing. That means one month working remotely, away from friends and abstaining from social gathering. Prior to my quarantine, I was living it up as a 25-year-old single woman in New York City. Most days of the week, I’d meet up with friends in the Lower East Side and from time to time, I’d arrange a date using a dating app. However, my social life (and many others) have been put on hold to help flatten the curve. GIF 1:

via GIPHY I’ve reached out to many fellow singletons during this time and we’ve all pondered the same thing: Do we bother with online dating during these times? Is there a point in creating an online relationship when we may not meet face to face for months. There is so much uncertainty in the air and right now, we don’t know when it will be safe to resume normal life. GIF 2:

via GIPHY Here’s an argument for online dating—it helps to pass the time and keep things fresh. We’re all in the same boat during this pandemic and most are falling into a rather mundane routine: wake up, do work remotely (if you can), make dinner, watch Netflix and go to bed. Talking to someone new can make this time a little more interesting and let’s not forget, there’s always Zoom or Facetime. GIF 3:

via GIPHY While online dating in a quarantine may seem super awkward, remember that it’s awkward for everyone. We’re all going through the same experience and this is all very strange. And, let’s say things go well and you meet the love of your life during COVID-19—that’s quite the story to tell your grandkids. GIF 4:

via GIPHY On the other hand, we’re also dealing with the dating culture in 2020—which is built on instant gratification. Typically, I’ll be talking to a guy or girl for just a few days before someone suggests we meet in real life. And in most cases, conversations over apps just die out on their own, way before anyone meets. For me, I’ve struggled to connect with people on dating apps, as it can be hard to weed out someone’s intentions through a screen. Will people be wanting to connect in meaningful ways during COVID-19? Or will we be more disconnected with the distance? GIF 5:

via GIPHY The only way of knowing whether dating during the age of COVID-19 is worth it will be to test it out for ourselves. So if you’re feeling lonely or just want to flex your flirting bone, why not give it a try? Maybe without the temptation of a quick hookup, the players of Tinder will be out of the picture, leaving room to meet a Prince Charming. GIF 6: