13 Witchy Tattoo Artists We Know You’ll Love

Booking an appointment as we speak

As many cities enter phase three and the restrictions are lifted, we’re finally able to get back into doing some of our favorite thingsโ€”from enjoying dinner at a restaurant to sipping a cocktail at a bar. I know that I’m most excited to be able to get tattooed again and was itching for a new piece throughout my quarantine. Changes have been made to the tattoo industry to accommodate for the ongoing pandemic and protect artists, as well as their clients. This includes wearing masks, checking the temperatures of clients before entering the building and social distancing when possible. These changes are put in place so that we can continue to get tattooed safely and you know I’ll be following all the rules just to get the satisfaction of a fresh tattoo.

We imagine that many of you are also dying to get a new tattoo, but may not know where to go. Well, if you’re a fan of witchy, dark and spooky art, you’ve come to the right place. There are hundreds of artists around the world who specialize in witch-themed tattoos, so it can be tough to decide who to choose. Luckily, we’ve narrowed down the pack to a lucky 13 and we’d be thrilled to get an appointment with any one of these talented tattooers. These tattooers come from all over the world and although making an appointment in Poland or Slovenia may not be possible right now, many artists visit the United States from time to time. And because tattoos are permanent, we support the decision to wait for an appointment with your dream tattooer. In the end, you’ll get a much better result than going to the guy down the street who accepts whatever idea walks through the door.

Take a peek at some of our favorite witchy tattoo artists in the gallery below and let us know your dream witch tattoo in the comments section on social media.

Ryan and Matthew Murrayโ€”Salem, MA

These twins create dark, haunting imagery that perfectly fits the town of Salem.

Cristian Casasโ€”Switzerland

Vibrant pops of red bring Cristian Casas’ demonic drawings to life.


Sexy and spookyโ€”what more could you want?

El Nigroโ€”Italy

Ritualistic and ravishing work by a world-renowned artist.

Luka Boลพiฤโ€”Slovenia

This artist’s work is weird and totally creepyโ€”we love it!

Piotr Bembenโ€”Poland

Want a witchy sleeve? Look no further.

Pony Reinhardtโ€”NYC

Pony Reinhardt brings it back to nature and the finished product is to die for.

Brandon Herreraโ€”Mebane, NC

Brandon Herrera knows how to summon some epic demons through tattoos.

Francesco Biancoโ€”Italy

Gritty yet gorgeous, we’re hooked.

Sarah Lechat Priceโ€”France

The perfect accessory for hot goth summer.

Tessa Vonโ€”Belgium

One word: spoopy.

Thomas Eโ€”Los Angeles

Take all of my money, right now.