Which Lush Bath Bomb Should You Buy Based on Your Astrology Sign?

We’re in times of high stress and self care is crucial to maintain emotional, psychological and physical health. There are plenty of ways to practice self-care, but one of my favorites is relaxing with a fragrant bath bomb. Lush is the Mecca of bath products and going on their website can be pretty overwhelming. With dozens of bath bombs of different scents, colors and shapes, how could one possibly decide? Well, how about letting your star sign lead you in the right direction? We’ve hand picked a bath bomb for every sign and it’s time you took a peek at our selections.


This bath bomb is described as being “magnificently vibrant, sizzling color and a spectacular explosion of sights, sounds and scents,” which fits Aries to a tee.

Notes: Lemon oil, Bergamot and Jasmine


Despite it’s bright pink hue, this bath bomb is totally down to earth. The Comforter is designed to help anyone relax, even a stubborn Taurus.

Notes: Cypress, Beragmot and Black Current


Just like a Gemini, this bath bomb is multi-faceted and it’s designed to mimic a waning and waxing moon. In addition to being two toned, this bath bomb not only soothes skin, it tackles tone and brightening.

Notes: Brazilian Orange


Inspired by the ocean and packed with lavender and lemon oil to help you relax, every Cancer can let go of their worries in the tub with this bath bomb.

Notes: Lavender, Lemon and Sea Salt


This bath bomb is bright, bold and dazzling—just like a Leo. Plus, after impressing you with it’s vibrant package, this bath bomb nourishes your skin with rich cocoa butter and relaxes you notes of rosemary.

Notes: Grapefruit, Geranium and Rosemary


This bath bomb is designed to look like a geode and will calm any anxious Virgo with notes of lavender and bergamot.

Notes: Lavender and Bergamot


Libras care about beauty and aesthetics, which makes this bath bomb a perfect fit with its gorgeous purple shades. Plus, it carries some of the most sensual scents you can find, including jasmine and rose.

Notes: Jasmine, Rose and Sandlewood


Scorpio is a sign known for passion and intensity, which often carries over into the bedroom. This bath bomb, aptly named Sex Bomb, is packed with seductive ingredients and perfect for getting in the mood.

Notes: Jasmine, Ylang Ylang and Clary Sage


This bath bomb is bright and colorful, just like a Sagittarius. And with a name like flight, it definitely speaks to the sign that loves to travel.

Notes: Bergamot and Sicilian Red Mandarin Orange


Capricorns are one of the most hard working signs in the zodiac and after a hard day, they need something to help them unwind. This bath bomb is an earthy escape that will get a busy body like Capricorn to step away from their work.

Notes: Patchouli, Cedar and Sicilian Mandarin Orange


Aquarians are free spirits and there’s no better way to showcase their energy than with a bath bomb that takes inspiration from Woodstock. This bath bomb will not only excite your mind with its vibrant rainbow colors, but the herbal notes will have you relaxing in no time.

Notes: Rosewood, Bergamot and Ylang Ylang


Taking inspiration from mermaids and giving forth colors that resemble a sparkling sea, this bath bomb was made for Pisces.

Notes: Bergamot and Litsea Cubeba