This Artist Puts Cat Heads on Other Animals

These animal morphs are cute, creepy and hilarious

Today’s internet culture was built on cats—cat photos, cat videos and cat memes. Digital artist Koty Vezde builds on this concept, creating fantasy morphs of cats and other animals. No animal, whether furry, feathered or scaled, is off limits for Vezde and some of his greatest creations are the most ridiculous. We’d all love to see animals like these walking, flying, slithering and swimming in nature, and while science isn’t quite there yet, we can dream by taking a look at some of his greatest furry friends.

What’s better than a baby seal with a Persian cat’s face? I’ll wait.

This monkey may be a mutant, but it sure is cute.

Bat is close enough to cat and this one’s adorable.

We’ve always heard cats love milk, but we’re not sure this is what they meant.

Peacock…what about a peacat?

I hate bugs, but I’ll make an exception for this one.

Just keep swimming.

Too cool, too cute.

Every cat owner knows this face…maybe not this body.

Both these critters are expert tree climbers.

Those rolls are so squishable.

Don’t talk to me or my son ever again.

She thick.

Is this a catfish?