Suction Technology is Taking Over the Adult Toy Market

These toys are revolutionizing female pleasure

For decades, companies have been coming out with vibrators and adult toys to help women (and couples) find pleasure. And they’re right to put time, money and effort into this pursuit. According to the 2005 book “The Case of the Female Orgasm,” 75 percent of women cannot orgasm through penetration alone and about 5 percent of women have never orgasmed period. And coming from my experience as a cis women who primarily sleeps with men, we cannot rely on guys to get us off.

We need to have a thorough understanding of our own bodies and the best way to get to know ourselves and what we like (or don’t like) is through masturbation. For many women, toys are an easy way to find stimulation and according to a 2009 study in the “Journal of Sexual Medicine,” approximately 52.5 percent of women have used a vibrator. As a woman in the majority, I’ve seen hosts of different models, which boast a variety of shapes, settings, colors and functions. However, only recently have I been privy to news of suction and air pressure technology.

I gained insight about suction vibrators through a hilarious review of a toy from the brand Tracy’s Dog, which is easily the strangest company name I’ve ever come across. Weird name aside, in the now famous Amazon review, a woman details her experience using the toy for the first time, sharing that this $50 toy made her black out and her “legs went straight out like those goats who faint when they’re scared.” Tracy, you lost me at the dog part, but with that quote alone I’m all the way back in.

After doing a little research about vibrators that have a suction feature, I came across a few standout products, firstly the Womanizer. Created by a German couple in their 70s, this vibrator has patented pleasure air technology, which blows pressurized air at 12 ascending technologies and gives the sensation of “walking on air.”

Another popular suction vibrator is the Satisfyer, which has a very different body than other vibrators we’ve seen and sort of resembles a pore cleaner. This one is very reasonably priced at just $39.70 on Amazon and boasts 11 different intensities.

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Lastly, there’s the Lelo Sona, which has a similar look to the Womanizer but instead of using direction suction uses sonic pulses to garner the same effect. It also has cruise control that allows you to enjoy the eight settings with hands free convenience.

Other brands have taken to the suction trend and include an additional vibrator that can activate the g-spot. The preference is of course individual, however, it can help the toy stay in place while you’re writhing in pleasure.

It’s incredible to see all the options available for women to get to know their bodies and there’s never been a better time to get exploring. All you need to do is narrow down which toy is right for your budget and level of sensitivity, then it’s off to the races. So what are you waiting for? Throw out that tired Rabbit that’s never gotten you off and get down with some tasteful suction.