Instagram’s Next Feline Superstar is Hairless and Eyeless

He's purrfect

There are thousands, maybe millions, of people trying to make their cat a star on social media, so it takes a special creature to gain a following. Some of the most famous cats on Instagram have unusual appearances, notably Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub. By this pattern, Jazzy Purrs will be the next big thing.

Jazzy Purrs, also known as Jasper, is an 11-year-old sphynx cat who began his journey like any other cat, with two functioning eyes. He was adopted at two by his owners and then after a couple of years with his forever family, he was diagnosed with FHV, feline herpes virus. The virus caused a corneal ulcer in his right eye, which led his owners to remove it. Then, five years later, he got another corneal ulcer in his remaining eye and has surgery to have it removed. Today, he’s totally blind but is a healthy and happy kitty.

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Is throwback Thursday still a thing? This is back when I had eyeballs. ————————————————————————Shop link in the bio! For those who don’t know Jazzy’s story, he was adopted at 2 years old seemingly healthy. After a couple of years he was diagnosed with FHV (feline herpes virus), but at the time all that meant was he was a sniffly boy. Then in November 2013 he got a corneal ulcer in his right eye. It was so bad that removal was the only option. He went on being a happy, healthy, now one eyed kitty. Until September 2018 when he ended up with a corneal ulcer in his remaining eye. Again so bad that removal was the only option. As scary as the news was that Jasper would now be totally blind, he adapted super well. Finally in April 2019 he had a mild stroke. It was a terrifying experience trying to figure out what was going on, why he woke me up spinning in circles, but the diagnoses was a relief. The cause is unknown, which is unfortunately common, but it means it wasn’t caused by any of the awful things that we know can cause one. Since then he’s recovered almost 100%, he walks a bit more cautiously and occasionally is unsure of where is is and will meow for help, but otherwise he’s perfect. He’s a very happy kitty, who is otherwise extremely healthy. He’s 12 years old, but the vet says there’s no reason to think he won’t live another 10 years. #jazzypurr #blindcat #sphynx #sphynxcat #nakedkitty #sphynxlair #catsofinstagram #catstagram #instacat #cat #kitty #animals #sphynxofinstagram #sphynxstagram #thedailynude #sphynxoftheday #hairlesscat #catsdaily #oddkitty #thedodo

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Jasper’s unusual appearance has gained plenty of attention online and the famous feline already has 51.8K followers on Instagram. However, aside from his eyes and his following, he’s just like any normal cat who enjoys napping, playing with his owners and eating treats.

For Jasper’s 10th birthday, his owner commemorated him with a stunning tattoo by artist Chelsea Shoneck of Providence, Rhode Island. Shoneck specializes in animal tattoos and frequently morphs species, so a cat without eyes is no problem.

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