How to Succeed in the Workplace Based on Your Astrology Sign

Get ahead by consulting the stars

Everyone has their own path to success and finds that path by playing off their own strengths. However, understanding and tapping into those strengths can be an challenge in itself. Throughout your career, you’ll learn what you excel at and what flaws to hide. And those who find success are the ones who realize their strengths early on and play to them to get to the top. If you want to get that promotion, raise or simply impress your superior, it wouldn’t hurt to consult the stars. Take a look at how each sign of the zodiac finds success in the workplace in the gallery below, then let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section on social media.


While some take your competitive nature as a negative, it will be your key to success. Your need to be the best will push you ahead of the pack and win over your employers.

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Who’s always on time and can be depended on without fail? That’s right, it’s you Taurus.

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When things change, a Gemini acts quickly and doesn’t panic. You’re ideal problem solvers and know how to spin a tricky situation.

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Cancers are very emotionally intuitive and their empathy will go a long way—impressing clients, coworkers and employers.

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Leos are naturally creative and will excel when they put their imagination into practice—whether that’s in the arts, politics or academia.

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No one works harder than a Virgo. You’ll go above and beyond in your work, even if that means staying late or tackling tasks outside your job description.

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Libras are team players who succeed by working well with others and understanding a variety of perspectives—always finding the perfection balance.

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If you’re one thing, that’s passionate. You love what you do and it shows through your work.

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Sagittarians have the ability to find the positive in any situation. Your optimism is infectious an makes you indispensable to your employers.

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Capricorns are extremely trustworthy in the workplace as they’re known for being responsible. You can take on difficult challenges and will rise to the occasion.

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There’s no hand holding when it comes to an Aquarian in the workplace. You thrive when given independence and are sure to wow your employers with your progressive ideas.

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Always the first to lend a helping hand, Pisces are some of the most generous people you’ll meet. You love helping others in the workplace and that good karma will come back to you.

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