How to Prevent Breakouts While Wearing a Mask

Prevent breakouts and COVID at the same time

As our world opens back up, we have more opportunities to be out and about. But in order to prevent the spread of COVID, wearing masks when out in public is essential. Wearing a mask is something that can make a huge impact overall, however, it comes with a few downsides. One of these, is breakouts.

Now we’re by no means saying you should go without a mask to save your skin. Keep the mask on Karen! Instead, if you’re experiencing breakouts in the area your mask covers, don’t fret, because there are ways to treat it. Acne from masks is caused by excessive sweating and friction. It’s similar to the breakouts you might get from wearing a sweaty sports bra all day, except now it’s on your face.

And while this is certainly preventing problems for millions of us, there are a few ways to beat mask acne. First and foremost, cotton or breathable masks are recommended. Just like cotton panties are good for your nether regions, so are masks! Next, make sure that you’re washing away the excess oils and moisture regularly. Don’t let your mask sweat sit on your face all day, that’s how clogged pores happen. Third, skip on the full face of makeup. Not only is your foundation going to smudge from wearing a mask, no one is going to see it! Last, keep up a healthy skincare routine and use products containing salicylic acid, which fight breakouts.

Let’s face it ladies, we need to continue to stop the spread of COVID by wearing our masks and as the heat rises, we’ll all likely encounter some form of mask acne. However, just like any normal breakout, there are ways of challenging mask related acne and if you continue to encounter problems, it doesn’t hurt to consult with a specialist.