Everything You Need to Know About the NEW Astrology-Based Dating App

Let the stars choose your perfect match

For several years, I’ve been interested in reading astrology charts and have used apps like CoStar and Cafe Astrology to better understand the people in my life. Anyone who’s interested in astrology beyond the surface level will know that there’s more to someone than just their sun sign, as everyone has an entire chart with different planetary alignments working together. Each person has many different signs working together based on the exact time and place they were born, including a sun sign, moon sign, rising signs and signs assigned to each of the planets. For instance, my sun sign is in Virgo, but my moon is in Aquarius, my rising is in Leo and my Venus is in Scorpio. This means that in order to understand if you’re compatible with someone, you need to look at the full picture and that’s never been easier with Struck.

Struck is an astrology-based matchmaking app that uses a person’s chart to connect them with compatible singles in your area. Struck was designed by Rachel Lo and Alex Calkins, who’d previously worked as engineers for Apple. The app is advised by Nadine Jane Astrology, who’s also the host of the “What Time Was I Born?” podcast. When you open the app, the first thing you’ll notice is that it’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s designed with Gen Z in mind and reminds me of the aesthetic pastel goth Tumblr pages I drooled over in high school. When you sign up, it asks you for the time and location of your birth, then prompts you to select six personality qualities based on your chart that will help determine your matches. The traits are both positive and negative and they’re put on display for your matches. I chose aesthetic, unconventional, open book, self-aware, magnetic and romantic. Struck then has you select three priorities, which range from spending time with family, globetrotting, partying, arts and culture or self-image. I decided to list studying/working, arts/culture and socializing as my top priorities. From there you plug in the typical components of a dating app (photos), location parameters and a bio) and then you’re ready to meet your matches.

The matches are presented like tarot cards, with their image obscured by a constellation design until you click on it. This format disrupts the concept of swiping, as you’re encouraged to look at their priorities and their chart before diving into the photos. When you click on a user’s profile you can also read their full chart and clicking the “Glimpse At Your Compatibility” button lets you know why Struck thinks you’re a good match. Another of the more unusual features of this app is that it only gives you up to four matches and only allows you to message one new person per day, putting the focus on quality over quantity.

This app not only tells you about your compatibility with singles in the area, it also allows you to see which celebrity is your perfect match according to your charts. Struck let me know that I’m most compatible with actor Maya Erskine, who stars in the hilarious and totally relatable “Pen15.” Yes, please.

Struck is still very new to the game, launching in Los Angeles in July 2020. It’s quickly expanded to the Bay Area as well as New York City, but don’t worry if you’re not in these areas. If you want the app in your city, you can submit a request on their website. What do you think of Struck? Are you looking for an astrologically compatible mate? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section on social media.