Everything You Need to Know About Mercury in Retrograde

How to survive Mercury in Retrograde

You may have heard the phase Mercury in Retrograde before and probably wondered: “What does that even mean?” Let’s break it down. All of the planets are rotating around the sun (duh) and during some points of the year, it appears that some planets are moving in reverse or as experts would say, in apparent retrograde motion. Mercury is in retrograde three times each year and in 2021, the dates are January 30th-February 21st, May 29th-June 22nd and September 27th-October 23rd. That’s right, we’re in Mercury in Retrograde right now, GASP!

Now don’t fret, Mercury in Retrograde doesn’t mean the world is going to end, but it does impact a few aspects of our lives. Mercury rules communication, travel and commerce. Mercury in Retrograde tends to make these things go haywire, so it isn’t recommended that you plan trips, sign contracts or gamble. More often, it’s an explanation of why things feel off, weird or out of the ordinary.

Aside from avoiding things that may be negatively impacted by Mercury in Retrograde, there are ways to cope with this tri-annual phenomenon. One of the ways is by speaking and writing carefully—thinking out your ideas clearly and reading through any important emails before pressing send. It’s also recommended that you try connecting with nature, especially when dealing with one of Mercury in Retrograde’s most frustrating consequences: technical difficulties. Remember to unplug, unwind and center yourself to stay sane during these times. There are also a number of crystals that promote alignment and balance, including agate, amazonite and onyx—which you can keep on hand throughout the retrograde.