Every Aspect of Your Astrology Chart, Explained

You're more than just your sun sign, WAY more

For the most part, everyone knows their sun sign and may be aware of some of the traits they possess because of it. And in many cases, people believe that this is their only sign. However, this is totally untrue. In fact, each person’s chart is made up of many different parts that rule a unique aspect of their lives. This means that while someone’s sun sign may be in Capricorn, they may also have some Aries, Pisces or Virgo in there as well. Now, we understand that for many of you, this is new information and understanding the different parts of your sign can be a bit confusing. But, we want to do what we can to make your chart easier to digest—by breaking down the 11 most important parts.


Your sun sign is the sign you already know and if you’ve never identified with it, that means that the other aspects of your chart are more prominent. According to Co-Star, Sun determines your “ego, identity and ‘role’ in life.” Like the actual sun, your sun sign is what all of the other aspects of your chart revolve around and it’s the biggest part of your broad identity.

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If you don’t identify with your Sun sign, that may because of your Moon sign. Your Moon sign is how you see yourself and it rules your emotions and feelings. It’s who you are when you’re at your most comfortable or how you saw yourself as a child. It also helps to explain the many differences within a sign, as moon signs change every 2 to 2 1/2 days.

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Ascendant/ Rising

Your ascendent (or your rising) is basically you at a party. It’s your social sign and can be reflected through your personal expression, how you come off to people upon first meeting them and what energy you give off.

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Mercury is the planet of communication and this part of your chart determines how you process information, think and communicate with others. Because Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, this part of your chart will either be the same as your Sun sign or the sign directly before or after.

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Just like Aphrodite is the goddess of love, Venus is the planet of love. This part of your chart relates to how you love, show affection and what you’re looking for in a partner. It also reflects the allure we have on others, showing what others find most appealing about you.

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Mars is the planet of aggression and this part of your chart determines how you compete, argue and take action. It’s equally important to Venus when it comes to love, as relationships have peaks and valleys.

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There are two social planets: Jupiter and Saturn. The first, Jupiter, rules luck, fortune and success—which impacts your chart through your idealism, optimism and talents. It determines how you’ll find success most easily, if you chose to follow the traits of that sign.

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While Jupiter is all about achieving goals and thinking big, Saturn is a grounding planet. This part of your chart determines how you handle responsibility, rules and fears. It shows your struggles and what you need to improve upon in order to grow.

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Uranus stays with each sign for seven years, impacting not only an individual but large groups of people born within the same time. Uranus rules innovation and rebellion, showing a generation’s approach to forward think and progression.

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Like Uranus, Neptune is a generational sign, staying with each sign for 14 years. It determines your dreams, imagination and subconscious, coming into play most with people who pursue careers in the arts.

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Lastly, Pluto stays in each sign between 12-30 years and this part of your chart determines your perspective on power, transformation and control.

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