Double Texting: The Dating Faux Pas You Need to Forget

Are you guilty of double texting?

In today’s dating world, texting and in-app messaging plays a huge role how our relationships progress. One bad text has the potential to crumble a new relationship, so successful daters need to be strategic in order to keep their partners on the hook. Texting is an art form and you need to play your cards right in order to maintain the power, which will allow you to decide whether this person is going to be a fling or dating material. In a relationship, being a savvy texter allows you to have more control than you realize, as you want to come off as cool and collected, as opposed to desperate or clingy. And you know what one of the biggest texting faux pas is? Double texting, of course.

Double texting is something that we’ve all done, but within a new relationship it can be a big no-no. A double text can occur at the beginning or in the middle of a conversation, where one party sends a second text after the other party fails to respond to their first one. If you want the conversation to continue, a double text can be a huge temptation, however, falling for this faux pas surrenders the control over to the other party.

Texting is a back and forth that should be reciprocal. If you and the person you’re texting with have a mutual vibe, you’ll be able to tell. But when someone doesn’t respond to your message, odds are they didn’t want to continue the conversation (at least at that time). Let’s face it, we’re pretty much glued to our phones 24/7. Unless they’re sleeping, taking a shower or our battery dies, odds are they “can” text back, they just don’t want to.

We know, this sucks. But recognizing that someone isn’t putting in the same amount of effort or showing affection differently is very important. No matter how much you like someone, you can’t will someone into liking you. Especially if you’re double texting, which from my own experience has only pushed men further away and can lead to ghosting.

Now, this doesn’t mean that double texting is always off the table. For instance, if it’s been several hours (at least four according to Hinge) then it’s okay to text back. Or if you guys have plans that day and he’s not getting back to you, then it’s okay to get in his face with a double text. But, by and large, if you’re just having a casual texting conversation and he leaves you on read, keep your power by getting on with your life. Odds are, he’ll hit you up eventually. And if he doesn’t, then it’s just not meant to be. It’s important to be honest with yourself and recognize your own worth. There are millions of guys out there and plenty who will eagerly text you back, you’ve just got to find em.