Your Ultimate 80’s Summer Playlist

It's giving 80's but in 2023.

Pop music has seen a recent shift in the past few years, with several mainstream artists opting to borrow the synthy tones and neon aesthetics of the 1980’s. We’re talking absolute bops that go hard for whatever reason but also maintain some ere of sadness beneath the surface. Trendsetters seem to be reaching farther and farther back in the decades in order to make what once was old, new again, and music is not excluded from this ongoing phenomenon.

If you turn on the radio it seems like musical artists on top 100 lists are ripping their sound right from a 1980’s time capsule, and we’ve created the perfect modern 80’s playlist so you can ride out those vibes to the soundtrack of your life all summer long.

Taylor Swift “Anti-Hero”

Caroline Kingsbury “Kissing Someone Else”

Vacation Manor “If Only For Tonight”


Aly & AJ “Don’t Need Nothing”

St. Lucia “Elevate”

Ryn Weaver “The Fool”

Passion Pit “Take A Walk”

Caroline Polachek “So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings”

Bleachers “Don’t Take The Money”

MUNA “Home By Now”

Flor “Hold On”