Kim Petras’ Halloween Album is All You Need to Get in the Spirit

From "There Will Be Blood" to "Boo! Bitch!," Kim Petras is here to help you get your spook on

It feels like every singer under the sun has released a holiday album, however, it’s never the holiday I want to get festive with. Sure, Christmas is cool and all, but it’s got nothing on Halloween. Halloween music is still relatively uncharted, unless you’re down with jamming out to “Monster Mash.” And not to shade this iconic bop, but it’s 2020 and we’ve grown.

Luckily, Kim Petras has us covered. Kim Petras is all about creating great songs depending on the season, from her hit “Malibu” that made us all yearn for summer love to “Icy,” which slaps especially hard during the winter months. But above all other times of year, Petras is a Halloween stan and last year, she released her first Halloween inspired album. 2019’s “Turn Off the Light” is Petras’ first compilation album and adds as a sequel to her 2018 EP of the same name. The album contains 17 songs (all of which were written by Petras) and it takes audiences on a spooky but sinister journey. “Turn Off the Light” has strong electronic influences, but still brings the creep factor melded with Petras’ signature pop sound. The album has serious bad witch energy, particularly with singles like “There Will Be Blood,” “Bloody Valentine” and “Death By Sex.” The album features one collaboration and that’s on the titular track “Turn Off the Light,” with a feature from horror icon, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. Her feature is extremely reminiscent of Vincent Price’s narration in “Thriller” by Michael Jackson and honestly, who better to include in a Halloween album than Elvira?

So whether you’re throwing a socially distanced soiree or spending Halloween alone in your crypt, “Turn Off the Light” by Kim Petras is the perfect way to feel the spook. Take a look at each of the tracks from Petras’ Halloween album below and let us know your favorite single to vibe to in the comments section on social media.


“There Will Be Blood”

“Bloody Valentine”

“Wrong Turn”




“Death by Sex”

“o m e n”

“Close Your Eyes”


“Turn Off the Light”

“Tell Me It’s a Nightmare”

“i don’t wanna die”

“In the Next Life”

“Boo! Bitch!”

“Everybody Dies”