How to Take the Perfect Sexy Selfie, According to Alt Influencers

Do you want to take a better selfie?

Taking the perfect selfie is both an art form and a science. There’s way more to it than just putting yourself in front of your iPhone, just look at the pros. There are thousands of people these days who make a living off taking selfies and we could all learn a thing or two from them. After all, whether it’s for your page or your boo, we can all benefit from learning some tips of the selfie trade. We’ve put together tips from some of our favorite influencers and their advice is top notch. Take a peek at their helpful tips and tricks to taking the perfect picture and let us know your go-to selfie hacks in the comments section on social media.

“So there are really only two major things you need for a bomb-ass selfie: the right angle and right lighting. Once you get these right, they can take you from looking like a bridge troll to a fucking goddess. Avoid turning your back to the light source. Turn around and face that beaming light, bitch! She wanna see you. Happy snapping you sexy babes.” —killyourfaceoff


“My best advice is to do anything that makes you feel confident— makeup, a hot outfit, a cute hairstyle can make a big difference. But if you feel more confident naturally, just the way you are, then go for it! A tripod and ring light have been useful for me and helped my selfie quality a ton.”— sadskunk


“Having good lighting is everything. Natural direct sunlight is my favorite, but ring lights are great for getting your best ‘well lit’ selfie. I use my hands a lot to place inside my photo to make it feel less awkward, especially with a cute nail set (it really adds to the photo.) I use Snapseed or portrait mode in iPhone for the best colors or sharpening and then I lightly edit once it’s ready to post.” — karleeejaneee


“Lighting is the most important thing. Finding flattering lighting, whether it be darker and moodier or bright with natural light. The most flattering light will be directed at you (think windows, lamps) rather than from above you (overhead lights).

Know your poses and angles to figure out what works best for you. Practice in a mirror, or instead of taking photos holding the phone, set it up and turn it on to high quality video. Try a bunch of different poses and angles, hold each one for a few seconds. Review the video and screenshot the poses you like— then it’s easy to see what would improve things.

Listen to music to make yourself feel confident and put on that favorite playlist!”—elporter


“I would say that my favorite way to take a sexy selfie is with the right lighting. Ways to get the right lighting can be through using a ring light or taking a selfie in a mirror near a bright spot in your house. Overhead is my favorite angle. If I’m taking a full-body photo, the whole looking back at it style is a go to. You do this by holding your phone down and pointing it up at you (and your butt). I’m a big fan of the self-timer mode with my little tripod as well. I make sure the background of my photos is clean and without any mess. If I’m taking a mirror selfie, I make sure it’s wiped down and there aren’t any dirty mirror marks.” — jakiichu


“Lighting for sure is the biggest thing, whether it’s a ring light that attaches to you’re phone or a regular one on a stand, that definitely matters. Also boob angles, I’m all about side boob angles. I feel like when I pose a model, it’s easier for me to explain how to pose by searching for the top and best IG filters. You want to look flawless, even on your not so best day.” — bowsbysamantharose


“Finding angles is something that really changes from person to person, but I find that the best way to find your best angles is to practice in the mirror and find your personal most flattering position. Then if you’re taking selfies, it’s good to set up a tripod and just practice camera or phone placement. Raising the camera up or down to see what position you like the best.

The most important tip I have is confidence, no matter if you or someone else is taking the photo, tell yourself you are beautiful and truly feel it and that comes across the most in photos.

For body position advice, sticking your hips back and to the side really shrinks your waist and gives you a more hourglass look. Making sure you pose with your arm away from your body is so important to keep from unflattering arm angles and point your toes. Pointing your toes adds definition to your legs making them look longer and leaner.

P Lighting is the important key to a photo, natural sunlight if you have a lot can be the best option. If you lack natural sunlight, getting a ring light really comes in the clutch. Ring lights vary in size, but I prefer the larger ring lights for darker rooms.

Lingerie is probably my favorite. I just own so much, it makes me feel sexy and I always try to find cuts that work best with my body. I have bigger hips so I find high cut underwear or lingerie work best for me. I have a flatter chest so I go with more bralettes. Amazon, FashionNova, Pretty Little Thing are my personal go-tos. Clothing again goes to what you feel most confident in, if that’s your favorite jeans or sweat pants— you can make anything sexy. Just know you’re a bad bitch and embrace it.” —serpentin_