8 Common Dreams and Their Meanings

What is your subconscious really trying to tell you?

Your teeth are falling out, you’re naked at work and your partner is cheating on you. We’ve all experienced those dreams that make us wake up in a panic. Many times, our dreams tell us a lot about what is happening in our lives. Dreams are made from a series of thoughts, images and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during REM sleep. Our dreams may be reflections of our aspirations, ideals, purpose, desires and fears.

It’s not always obvious what our dreams are trying to tell us, but interpreting the symbolism is a great place to start. We have the potential to better understand ourselves, our emotions and the events that are taking place around us when we interpret and understand our dreams.

We gathered 8 common dreams and their interpretations.

Dreams about being naked in public.

You’re standing in the middle of a crowd or at work and you’re completely naked. We’ve all had one of these awkward dreams, dreaming about being naked is not unusual. These dreams may indicate that you feel like a phony, are suffering from imposter syndrome, or are afraid of revealing any shortcomings. There may also be a situation in your waking life that is making you feel vulnerable and exposed.

Dreams about losing teeth.

Dreaming about your teeth falling out is another common one. It may mean that you are worried about your appearance. It could also indicate that you are concerned about your ability to communicate or saying something embarrassing. Your teeth symbolize how confident and powerful you feel, so a situation in your waking life is causing your confidence to crumble or is making you feel like you are losing control.

Dreams about flying.

A lot of times, flying dreams can feel exciting, but they can also feel very frightening other times, especially for people who are afraid of heights. Because of this, dreams about flying have two different sides. They can represent feelings of freedom and independence and can be a sign that you’ve freed yourself from something difficult. On the other hand, they can also indicate a desire to flee or escape from a situation or the realities of life in general.

Dreams about infidelity.

A dream where your partner cheats on you or where you cheat on your partner can be quite disturbing, but it does not necessarily think that there are thoughts about being unfaithful in real life. Sometimes these dreams can be a reflection of fears of infidelity and issues with trust, loyalty and communication in a relationship. Most often, though, this is a ‘what-if’ dream where you are testing the limits of reality. It could represent the idea of jumping into a new creative project or exploring new intellectual pursuits.

Dreams about dying.

Death is a common subject of dreams and they can be scary. Many people dream of dying or loved ones dying. Oftentimes these dreams reflect anxiety about change and fear of the unknown. It may mean that something in your life is coming to an end. That being said, how you react to death in the dream can mean different things. If you feel at peace during the dream, you probably have an ‘out with the old and in with the new’ attitude and it is something you are ready to let go from. If you are scared during the dream, you may not be comfortable with letting go yet.

Dreams about falling.

Falling dreams are very common and may be a sign that something in your life isn’t going well. It suggests that you may need to rethink a choice or consider a new direction in some area of your life. You may be hanging on too tightly to a particular situation in waking life and you need to relax and let go of it. Overall, these dreams are a symbol of fear in real life – perhaps fear of failing at work or in your love life.

Dreams about pregnancy.

Dreams about pregnancy or having a baby are positive dreams. It’s reflective of something growing and developing inside of you. This can be anything from a new idea or project to working towards promotion to getting into a new relationship. These dreams reflect potential and some new chapter that is just beginning.

Dreams about being chased.

During these dreams, your associations with the person or thing chasing you are more insightful than the actual person or thing that is chasing you. People and things in dreams can be substitutions for other people or even for aspects of ourselves. Being chased in a dream means that you are trying to avoid something in your life and may indicate a desire to escape from your own fears and desires.