31 Spooktacular Halloween Makeup Looks

Get your spook on!

Halloween is FINALLY here and it’s time to get in the spirit. I love looking at extremely artistic and seemingly impossible Halloween makeup looks. Can I do them? Hell no, I’ve barely mastered winged liner. Nonetheless, they never fail to blow my mind. This Halloween, we’ve gathered up 31 enchanting and spooky looks from some of the most talented makeup artists from around the world. Take a peek at these jaw dropping looks and let us know what you’re going as for Halloween in the comments section on social media.

Spider Senses

So scary but so cool.

Art by mimles

Wanna Play?

Chucky’s never looked so good.

Art by @vivid_lids

Jack Attack

What’s your favorite Stephen King movie?

Art by sandrarclemente


Everyone’s got an angel and a devil inside them.

Art by drian_bautista

So Handsome

Squidward never looked so good.

Art by snitchery

No Rest for the Wicked

We’re green with envy.

Art by naezrahlooks

Undead Beauty

Romance never dies.

Art by oliviashadders

Hex Girl

Are you ready to rock?

Art by vocallyshook

Green with Envy

Fiona’s looking foxie.

Art by @missjazminad

Good 4 U

What was your favorite album of 2021?

Art by kimberleymargarita_


Honey, I’m home! Oh, I forgot, I’m not married.

Art by @ksasko_makeup

Spooky Ooky

Meet the pumpkin queen.

Art by @a.j_artistry

Open Wide

Let me see your teeth.

Art by alyshiajoness

She Wolf

All the better to hear your with.

Art by zasia_makeup

All Eyes on Me

Get an eyeful of this.

Art by mcroft07

Freddy’s Dead

Don’t fall asleep.

Art by @sarahanne616


What are you hungry for?

Art by alexaraemua

Smoke Show

Smokin’ the devil’s lettuce.

Art by xenmakeup

Game Over

Wanna play a game?

Art by @candylover89

Wench! Trollop!

I’ve waited centuries to say that.

Art by charlotteroberts

Poison Ivy

Nature always wins.

Art by rubymediamakeup

Have a Knife Day

Stabbings greetings.

Art by larock.artistry

Candy Coated

Sweet enough to eat.

Art by makeupby_tashxx

Say My Name

Beetlejuice, beetlejuice, beetlejuice!

Art by makeitjess

Clownin’ Around

Beep beep!

Art by typical_white_girl_sfx

Dog Eat Dog World

Miserable, Darling, As Usual. Perfectly Wretched.

Art by ludmilamua

Teen Dream

Boys and butts.

Art by amys_beautygram

Ahoy Matey

A pirate’s life for me.

Art by beautybymols

Barbie Girl

In a Barbie world.

Art by khaleesiisaa

Hail Satan!

Come to the dark side.

Art by eirebrush


Spice is not always nice.

Art by artbeautychaos