Everything You Need to Know About Tooth Gems

Give yourself something to smile about.

Back in the Fall of 2018, I was visiting Calgary for a tattoo convention and on a whim, I decided to get a tooth gem. Tooth gems are small 18K gold, diamond or precious stone charms that are adhered to the teeth using a bonding material. They’ve become increasingly popular in recent years, gaining recognition through celebrities like Ariana Grande, Drake and Hailey Baldwin. Today, you’ll find people applying tooth gems in private studios, salons and at tattoo conventions, giving clients a semi-permanent mouth makeover.

The process for getting my tooth gem applied was simple and straight forward. I opted for a small white gold crescent moon on my right lateral incisor and the charm was applied using an adhesive that was bonded with a light (which took me back to getting my braces put on in middle school). Overall, the procedure took less than five minutes from start to finish and only set me back about $200. Although this was my experience, it’s important to understand that pricing and the process may differ depending where you go. But, no matter where you go, it’s important to visit a professional, as improper technique or products can cause damage to the teeth.

Photo by @chaibeautyldn

It’s been over two years since I got my gem applied and in that time, it’s stayed put. If applied correctly by a professional, tooth gems should last at least six months but with proper upkeep, they can last years. The type and shape of the gem may impact how long it lasts, as well as which tooth it’s applied to.

Because my tooth gem is fairly simplistic and lays flush to my tooth, the maintenance is pretty standard. I’m able to brush my teeth normally and I make sure to do a thorough job, as plaque can get trapped around it. When I go to the dentist, they give the gem a special cleaning, using a tool that makes it super shiny. In the two years that I’ve had the gem, I haven’t encountered any problems or experienced any discoloration. If you’re noticing your tooth change colors after getting a gem, make an appointment with a dentist ASAP to have it examined.

Photo by @icy_gemz

Although I enjoy having a tooth gem, there’s something that I wish I’d known before getting one applied. Most people don’t know what a tooth gem is and when I’m meeting new people, I’m often told that I have something in my teeth. This is vecause I don’t have a Swarovski crystal or a diamond that glints in the light, in certain lighting people can’t register what’s on my tooth. In general, this occurs most often with people who are meeting me in extremely low lighting (such as a bar or night club). If I’d known about how many awkward encounters I would have ahead of time, I might have gotten something more sparkly or chosen a gem in a different color.

Photo by @tooth.fairy_seoul

Overall, getting my tooth gem was a good experience and something that I’d recommend. Tooth gems are a great way to express your individuality in a semi-permanent way and they can be great conversation starters. Let us know if you have a tooth gem or would consider getting one done in the comments section on social media.