25 Weird, Random and Spooky Facts About Dreams

Do you dream every night?

Dreams are something that everyone has, but each and every person dreams different. Our dreams tell us a lot about where we are in life and what emotions we’re feeling but may be repressing. For me, I dream regularly and I’ve had the same reoccurring dream (about going back to high school) for years. But enough about me. Take a look at 25 of the most interesting facts about dreams in the gallery below, then let us know how you dream in the comments section on social media.

Most long dreams occur in the morning.

You’re more likely to remember dreams on days that you sleep longer.

Most of our dreams are mainly visual.

Blind people can see visuals in their dreams.

Approximately 12% of people dream in black-and-white.

Most of your muscles become “paralyzed” during the REM stage of sleep.

You can only dream of faces that you’ve already seen.

You forget 50% of your dreams within the first five minutes of waking up.

Most dreams are connected to events from the previous day.

The less stressful your life is, the more pleasant your dreams are.

It’s considered normal to have between four and seven dreams a night.

Researchers believe that animals are capable of dreaming.

At least half of the population has experienced lucid dreaming.

Anxiety is the most frequently experienced emotion in dreams.

You forget 90% of your dreams within the first 10 minutes of waking up.

Some women can orgasm from their dreams.

About 4% of people’s dreams are about sex.

Dreams about death are most common during the holidays.

Every human being dreams.

Dreaming can help relieve stress.

You don’t snore and dream at the same time.

Nightmares can lead to ongoing health problems.

Women are twice as likely to have dreams about celebrities.

Dreams can last up to one hour.

The average person spends six hours of their lifetime dreaming.