10 Wonderfully Witch Inspired Manicures

Feeling witchy?

Here at Rebel Circus, we love to express our witchy side in all sorts of ways. From our clothes to our crystals to our tarot cards, it’s all about embracing the witch within. So, why do the same with your nails? Manicurists around the globe are creating fantastically witchy nail art that could be yours. No spells required! Take a look some of our favorite witchy nail looks in the gallery below and let us know your favorite manicure in the comments section on social media.

Terrific Tarot

These nails remind us of our favorite tarot decks.

Nails by nailsbybreee

By the Moonlight

We know you love plain black nails, but it never hurts to add a little bit of spice.

Nails by fleuryrosenails

Spooky Ooky

These nails put a spooky spin on a traditional nude manicure.

Nails by jill.does.nails

Magick Mani

These illustrative and imaginative nails are top notch.

Nails by magianegranails

Secret Symbols

Simple, sleek yet totally spellbinding.

Nails by allyssapower

Wonderfully Wednesday

Wednesday Addams is witchy goals and this art is exceptional.

Nails by kaomitl

Web Star

Creepy, cool and super creative, we need these spider nails ASAP.

Nails by ayanexbeauty

Stay Gold

Whoever says all that’s glitter is not gold hasn’t seen these rad nails.

Nails by desiree_paradix_nails

Cyan Spells

These nails are ultra unique and the hand-painted designs are super impressive.

Nails by fresitanails.gdl

In the Stars

Now this is what I call an accent nail.

Nails by _.riot