10 Nail Trends We’re Excited to See in 2021

Trying new things in 2021? Nailed it!

Rebel readers, we’ve made it to 2021! 2020 was quite the year and this year, we’re pushing ahead with optimism. We anticipate that this will be a year of creativity and what better way to flex your imagination than through your nails. Nail art has come an exceptionally long way over the years and there are countless talented nail artists creating tiny masterpieces worldwide. We’ve scoured social media to determine which 10 trends we think are going to pop off in 2021 and it’s time you took a peek at these manicures. Take a look at our predictions and let us know your favorite look in the comments section on social media.

Lunula Details

Deck out the little half moon shape at the base on your nail in 2021.

Nails by betina_goldstein

Stones Galore

There’s no such thing as too many rhinestones, trust me.

Nails by leximartone

Old English Script

Show off your motto for the New Year on your manicure.

Nails by nailsbybreee

Cable Knit

Embrace sweater weather in every way possible.

Nails by nail_sunny


This is cuticle art like we’ve never seen before and we’ve got major nail envy.

Nails by fleuryrosenails

Pop Art

Simple yet totally satisfying, take that Warhol!

Nails by jessicawashick


Now this is the perfect way to match your nails to your favorite pair of shades.

Nails by bw.nails


You don’t need to take any drugs to have trippy nails this year.

Nails by emilysmakeupandnails


Say goodbye to boring French tips and hello to swirls on your digits.

Nails by nails_and_soul


Nails that bite back.