10 Colorful Hair Trends We’re Excited to See in 2021

Start 2021 with fresh locks.

2020 has come and gone, now what? 2021 has only just begun and already, it’s a storm of total and utter chaos. But you know what, don’t let that keep you from making 2021 your year. If anything, let the pandemonium inspire you to be bold, creative and ballsy—especially when it comes to your hair. Hair is one of the best ways we can physically express ourselves and in these times, we’re taking all the serotonin we can get. Take a peek at 10 fresh and colorful hair trends that we’d like to see more in 2021, then let us know your hair plans in the comments section on social media.

Opposites Attract

We’ve been told these colors aren’t supposed to go together, but we’re not listening!

Hair by lauramaystevenshair

Rainbow Roots

Now, this is the ultimate surprise when you take off your beanie.

Hair by hairbyris.xo

Touch of Pink

You can thank Charli D’Amelio for this one.

Hair by adlydesign

Analogous Hues

Analogous colors are next to each other on the color wheel and they make for amazing hair looks.

Hair by karolinekato

Dripping in Red

One shade of red is so 2020, we’re mixing it up for the New Year in a big way.

Hair by slayederella

Ray of Light

This hair looks like it’s literally glowing and we can’t get enough of it.

Hair by colorgeek_

Tropical Sunrise

If you can’t get to the beach, bring the beach to your hair.

Hair by hairgod_zito

Angelic Aura

You don’t need to be an angel to have hair like this.

Hair by alyssawiener

50 Shades of Grey

Bad movie series, great idea for dynamic locks.

Hair by mgray153

Midnight Waters

Dark, dreamy and completely doable for many types of hair.

Hair by shear_envytupelo