10 At Home Fitness Essentials We Need for 2021

Get fit from the comfort of your own home.

The New Year will be here before you know it and it gives many the inspiration to get in shape. However, instead of getting a gym membership, many will be staying home and working out from their living rooms. We know that it can be hard to work out in small spaces and even harder to stay motivated, however, we’ve gathered together some products that will help you reach your goals. We know that 2020 was nobody’s year, but 2021 can be a fresh start. Take a peek at our fitness essentials for working out from home in the gallery below, then let us know your favorite way to workout in the comments section on social media.

Fitbit Sense

This will set you back a few more coins than your average Fitbit, however, it’s one of the most advanced smart watches on the market. First and foremost, it helps to manage and reduce your stress (which we could all use right about now). Second, it helps you to sleep better—so sign me up. And ladies, it also helps you to track your period—you’re welcome.

Que Collapsible Water Bottle

Not only is this water bottle super stylish and come in 18 unique colors, it’s also collapsible. That means it won’t take up unnecessary room in your gym bag, purse or cabinet—I’d call that a win win!

Gymshark Glutes Bundle

Get your booty in check without having to use a squat rack. These resistance bands (which vary from light to medium to heavy levels of resistance) take body weight workouts to the next level. Plus, they’re made of lightweight but durable fabric that won’t slip out of place.

Yeti Yoga Co. Maple Yoga Mat

Not only is this yoga mat gorgeous, it’s twice as thick as your standard mat—which offers twice the cushion on hardwood floors. And we can’t forget it also promises to be non-slip and anti-tear, meaning you’ll get years of stable workouts.

Foam RollerConnect

This isn’t your ordinary foam roller. On the contrary, this fitness product connects to the JAXJOX App or Apple Watch to help monitor your recovery and muscles. It also emits vibrations that not only help to prevent injuries, but also relieves soreness, stiffness and tension.

Rogue Kettlebells

No frills or fuss for these kettlebells. Crafted from the highest quality iron, these kettlebells will have your home workouts feeling gym quality in no time. Plus, they range from nine pounds to a whopping 203 pounds—making them perfect for athletes of all abilities.

Bala Bangle Classic 1 Lb. Weights

If you’re prone to pacing the house, why not level up and make a workout out of it? These Bala Bangles are made to be worn on both the ankles and wrists, offering comfort during a variety of resistance workouts—including yoga, Pilates, walking and core training.

Abdominal Wheel Ab Roller with Mat & Jumping Rope

I’m an ab rolling junkie and if you haven’t used one of these—hear me out. Ab rollers engage your core in a way that sit ups just can’t and help to tone stubborn belly fat (even on the lower stomach). And, not only does this set include a colorful (available in black, pink, purple and teal) ab roller, you also get a mat and jump rope with your purchase.

AmazonBasics Neoprene Dumbbell Hand Weights

Amazon is the ideal place to get inexpensive workout equipment, including this dumbbell set. Perfect for a variety of workouts on all major muscle groups, these weights will help you get your year started on the right foot.

BOSU® Balance Trainer

This balance trainer is proven to help with cardio, strength and flexibility training. It offers a unique challenge to some of your favorite workouts and is tested to last 10x longer than similarly marketed products, holding up to 300 lbs.