This TikToker is a Modern Marilyn Monroe

She even lives in Marilyn Monroe's former home!

There are millions of people around the world who love and/or take a small amount of inspiration from Marilyn Monroe. After all, what’s not to love? She was one of the biggest figures in popular culture during the 1950s, a timeless sex symbol, a fashion icon and a legendary actress. She helped to transform the blonde bombshell archetype into what it is today and she continues to have a tremendous impact on the worlds of art and fashion. However, no one admires Marilyn Monroe quite like 26-year-old TikToker Jasmine Chiswell.

Jasmine Chiswell is a content creator who hails from Scotland and resides in Los Angeles. She’s acquired 3.4 million followers on TikTok, largely thanks to her commitment to vintage style. According to her interview in Vogue, Chiswell adopted her vintage style three years ago and now has hundreds of vintage (and vintage inspired) clothing items. She has an affinity toward wiggle dresses, which gained popularity in the 1950s thanks to Monroe, and collects rare accessories—from copper belts to mules to small purses.

Chiswell grew up watching old movies as a little girl fell in love with Marilyn Monroe. Today, she lives in one of Monroe’s old homes in Hollywood and her husband, music creator Maverick McNeilly, has also adopted a love for vintage fashion. On her social media pages, she explores a variety of topics, including creating videos of outfits that would have been worn during the 1950s, unboxing beauty products from the mid century and discussing Monroe’s former home. Her videos have a truly transportive quality, yet are strikingly modern, as Chiswell stays on top of social media trends.

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