This Hair Art Will Inspire You to Get a Buzzcut

Would you shave your head in the name of fashion?

We’re so used to people with long hair having the most fun when it comes to fancy cuts, colors, styles and accessories. It’s long overdue that people with short hair get their time in the spotlight and hair artist Janine Ker is playing a big part in that. Ker works out of Southern California and specializes in custom hair painting and carvings.

Her process involves bleaching the hair, cutting it (sometimes carving it to create three dimensional patterns such as flowers or geometric shapes) and hand painting intricate designs. She’s worked on a number of celebrities, creating custom looks for their concerts, music videos or photoshoots, including Chris Brown, J. Balvin and actors for one of Janelle Monae’s music videos. Her work often uses vibrant, neon colors and negative space to enhance her designs.

Although the effect is fairly temporary, as these styles will grow out quickly, they’re a great way to get an avant-garde upgrade if you’re already committed to short hair. And with hosts of incredible female celebrities who’ve embraced shaved heads over the years, including Joey King, Kristen Stewart and Amber Rose, you’ll be in good company if you chose to accept the big chop.

Take a look at some of Janie Ker’s most impressive creations in the gallery below, then let us know if you’d give this style a go in the comments section on social media.

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