This Brand Makes Witchy and Affordable Jewelry

Meet Rogue + Wolf, your new accessories obsession

Understatement of the century: jewelry is expensive. Especially the unique and specialty kind of jewelry that I love. However, one brand has taken it upon themselves to create edgy, interesting pieces that are totally affordable. And that brand is Rogue + Wolf.

Rogue + Wolf is a fashion company based in Huddersfield, England. They sell clothing, homeware and phone cases, but are perhaps best known for their 3-D printed jewelry. Rogue + Wolf creates exceptional matte black rings, earrings and necklaces using a 3-D printers, allowing customers to snatch up their pieces at a much lower cost than if made with metal. Plus, although their jewelry is inexpensive it won’t turn your fingers green because it’s made of polyamide plastic.

Rogue + Wolf has dozens of unique designs, most of which are modeled off witchy and occult imagery. A number of their accessories are inspired by crescent moons, cats, spiders, bats, skulls, ravens and runes. And although we’re all for a standalone statement piece, it’s easy to combine multiple styles together as they’re made from the same cohesive material and the price won’t kill your wallet.

10 years ago, finding clothing and accessories that matched your aesthetic was a huge challenge. And if you could find those pieces, they were probably pretty pricey. But now it’s never been easier and anyone can be their own #witchgoals.

What do you think about Rogue + Wolf’s designs? Which piece (or pieces) caught your eye? Let us know your thoughts on this brand in the comments section on social media.