The Hair Color Trend Every Cool Girl is Rocking

Get the bleach ready babes

Fashion and beauty have been heavily influenced by the early 2000s over the past few years. From butterfly clips to rhinestoned denim to low rise jeans, today’s influencers are putting a modern spin on trends that first popped off twenty years ago. For many trendsetters who pull inspiration from the early 2000s, they look to pop divas who dominated the charts and the red carpet during that time. We’re talking Brittany, BeyoncΓ©, P!nk and of course, Christina Aguilera.

Aguilera not only made an impact on popular culture with her pipes, but also her style. During this time, her style was very tough, sexy and let’s not forget, dirty. In fact, during Aquilera’s music video for “Diirty,” she rocked some of her most iconic looks of all time, including red leather chaps and a barely there mini skirt. She also had her infamous blonde and black hair, which impacted hair salons around the globe.

Today, many of Instagram’s cool girls are taking inspiration from Aguilera’s famous locks, instead inverting the look. Black hair with a few blonde streaks is all the rage right now, with some of the hottest models, singers and YouTubers rocking the trend. Take a look at some of our favorite examples of this hair color trend in action, then let us know if you’re bold enough to try this look in the comments section on social media.

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