Everything You Need to Know About E-Girl Hair

Are you feeling daring?

Growing up during the early 2000s, chunky highlights were all the rage. I saw chunky highlights on some of my favorite celebrities as a kid, from Christina Aguilera to Kelly Clarkson. However, no one gave me hair envy like Lindsay Lohan. Specifically, Lindsay Lohan in “Freaky Friday.” In this film, she plays a teenager rocker and her naturally ginger locks are edged out with some face framing platinum highlights. Little did I or Lindsay know, but this look would be coming back in a big way.

E-girls have taken inspiration from 2000s fashion and beauty when creating their signature aesthetic, bringing back butterfly clips, rhinestones and tiny plaid miniskirts. They’ve also put their own spin on 2000s hair with a stripe of face framing platinum (sometimes pastels or neon) highlights.

This trend has been especially popular among the TikTok crowd and has been adopted by popular influencers such as Charli D’Amelio, Nikita Dragun, as well as, pop star Dua Lipa. We even saw the queen of Instagram, Kylie Jenner, give it a go back in June. And luckily for your locks, it’s a relatively low damage look that can be worn by a myriad of hair colors and textures.

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If you’re like me, then you’ve probably bleached and dyed your hair a hundred times—which has caused some pretty significant damage. However, if done properly by a professional, this style can be achieved while maintaining the health of your hair. One of the best parts of e-girl hair is that only the front pieces of your hair need to be bleached, meaning that the majority of your mane is spared from the harsh chemicals. And if you plan to opt for a neon color instead of a pastel or a platinum, you’ll be doing even less damage to your locks.

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They key to achieving gorgeous and healthy e-girl hair is by enlisting a professional hair stylist. You’ll want to find someone who specializes in coloring and is familiar with the style you want to achieve. If possible, you may also want to find a stylist who specializes in blondes, as they’re especially passionate about safely lightening and toning blonde hair.

When you make an appointment, you need to realize that bright white or platinum may not be achievable during your first session. If you have dark or damaged hair, it may take two or three sessions to get your hair light enough. By complying with the guidance of a stylist who can take you through this process safely, you’ll avoid breakage and unnecessary damage to your locks.

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E-girl hair may require some maintenance, as blonde can yellow over time. The rate that your hair yellows varies from person to person, but it can be impacted by how often you shampoo your hair. If you’re concerned about yellowing, you may want to pick up a purple shampoo that will tone your locks. Additionally, a toning touch up with your stylist may help to keep your blonde bright and bold.

And like any dye job, if you want your roots to match your highlights you’ll need to schedule regular appointments. However, many e-girls have let their highlights grow out and the look is still pretty spectacular.

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