An Honest Comparison of 7 Celebrity Beauty Brands

Have you tried a beauty product from one of these stars?

What is it with every celebrity on the planet launching a makeup line? When did that suddenly become the hot thing to do for every singer, actor or model with a following? I mean, I can’t hate the hustle. Many stars have proven that starting a makeup line is an incredibly prosperous business. Unlike a clothing line where people might stray away from certain styles because of their preferences or body type, makeup is universal. Plus, we’ve all been to Sephora, picked up a few things and walked up to the register to be astonished by the grand total. Today, there are so many celebrity makeup brands out there and for a fan, it can be tough to decipher between them. We’ve gathered up 7 popular celebrity beauty brands and it’s time you heard our honest opinion on these products.

Rare Beauty

Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty launched on September 3rd and debuted with foundation, lipstick, eyeliner, highlighter, primer, brushes and more. Her foundations have 47 shades ranging from extra fair to deep neutral and her products range from $5 to $29. In addition to establishing her beauty brand, Gomez launched The Rare Impact Fund, which has set the goal of raising $100 million over the next ten years for mental health services in undeserved communities.

Honest Thoughts: The packing is super cute, but it’s too early to tell whether these products are going to do their job. Typically, I like to wait a bit on new items as it can take a few formulas to work out the kinks.

Fenty Beauty

Rihanna established Fenty Beauty in September of 2017 and blew up the beauty market with her inclusive product line. Today, Rihanna has expanded Fenty Beauty to a plethora of face, cheek, lip, eye and body products, including a foundation line of 50 shades. Upon launching, Fenty Beauty blew the competitors out of the water and recorded $72.0 million in earned media value in it’s first month.

Honest Thoughts: Can Rihanna do anything wrong? Out the gate, Rihanna brought us one of the diverse foundation lines EVER and this was at a time when representation was sparse.

Haus Laboratories

One year ago, Lady Gaga released her makeup brand Haus Laboratories and became the first beauty brand to launch exclusively on Amazon. Her collection takes inspiration from the houses of the 1980’s ballroom scene and her website features collections such as Haus of Soleil, Haus of Starlight, Haus of Crystal and Haus of Mod. Haus Laboratories currently manufactures lip and eye products, both of which have been modeled by “RuPaul’s Drag Race” winners Alaska Thunderfuck and Aquaria in promotional videos.

Honest Thoughts: Her products are fun for a night out at the drag club, but I don’t see them being wearable on the day-to-day. Then again, Gaga wears glitter 24/7 so maybe it’s a “me problem.”

Kylie Cosmetics

Now for the one that started it all, Kylie Cosmetics put out their first Kylie Lip Kits in November of 2015. Jenner coincided this launch with her newly surgically implanted lips, using this as publicity to fuel the sale of her liquid lipsticks and lip liner. Today, Jenner has expanded her collection a plethora of lip products (including 45 shades of her original matte lip kits), 18 eye shadow palettes, a host of face products and a complete skincare line.

Honest Thoughts: This company makes a bagillion dollars, so what do I know, but it feels like they’re doing too much. Too many palettes, too many releases all at once. Girl chill, let us miss you for a minute.

KKW Beauty

Following in the success of her half-sister, Kim Kardashian launched KKW Beauty in June of 2017. Like her husband Kanye’s clothing brand, KKW Beauty is based on a love of neutrals—from beiges to bronzes to browns. Over the years, Kardashian has released a number of popular beauty products including a body foundation, contour sticks, as well as collections with her makeup artist Mario and longtime best friend Allison.

Honest Thoughts: This brand is definitely aimed at people who appreciate a full face of makeup (a.k.a. The Kardashians). If that mug is your vibe, then get it girl. Personally, I’m more of a less is more beauty consumer.

Victoria Beckham Beauty

In September of 2019, Victoria Beckham launched Victoria Beckham Beauty. Her line includes a variety of products for the eyes and lips, as well as several skincare items. Beckham’s brand is easily the most pricey of the bunch, with products going up to a whopping $210. But, are we really surprised that Posh went for full on luxe?

Honest Thoughts: Is it bad that this is the first time I’m hearing about this line? Maybe, if Beckham put more cash into Instagram marketing than luxury serums, we’d be more familiar with Victoria Beckham Beauty.

Florence by Mills

Millie Bobby Brown released her beauty and skincare line Florence by Mills in August of 2019 at just 15-years-old. Her line is targeted toward Gen Z and focuses on clean beauty. Florence by Mills has a variety of makeup and skincare products, from eye shadow palettes to lip gloss to peel off masks.

Honest Thoughts: The line definitely skews young, but this is clearly by design. Growing up, I can’t remember a makeup brand made for teens and tweens, aside from what was sold at Claire’s Boutique. It’s nice to see a brand that emphasizes natural beauty and encourages skincare early on.