31 Days of Halloween Makeup: Made Yew Look

Made Yew Look is skilled at transforming your favorite Disney, horror and Tim Burton characters into one of a kind creations.

Halloween is just a few short weeks away and in the midst of all the chaos going on in the world, you may be looking for some extra inspiration. Trust me, I understand that it’s hard to be creative when the world is burning (in some places literally) all around us. Luckily, there are plenty of talented makeup artists out there, who can make things way easier. One of those artists is Alexys Fleming, better known as Made Yew Look. She’s a self-taught makeup and special effects artist who creates unbelievable looks for her Instagram, YouTube and TikTok followers. Fleming’s looks are all about ingenuity, often taking inspiration from a traditional character but transforming them into new creatures. Take a look at 31 of Fleming’s makeup creations in the gallery below, then let us know which look you’re most inspired by in the comments section social media.

Illustrative Illusion

Making Waves

Jessica Rabbit


The Joker



Harley Quinn

Resident Evil

Poison Ivy

Animal Crossing

Fran Bow

Spooky Witch

Fortune Teller

Zombie Daphne


2019’s Joker

Jackie Skellington


Evil Starbucks Siren



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Cruella de Vil


White Walker

Bratz Doll 25

Rainbow Clown

Michael Myers

Freddy Krueger

Zombie Pizza

Queen of Hearts