25 Best Outfits from ‘Euphoria’ Season One

Who's ready for the special episodes of "Euphoria?"

After over a year of waiting, “Euphoria” is back. “Euphoria” broke onto HBO in 2019 and quickly became one of the talked about shows in television, going on to earn lead Zendaya a Primetime Emmy Award. It follows a group of teenagers through the trials and tribulations (although highly dramatized) of adolescence, along the way, giving us some seriously killer gen z fashion looks. In honor of the Euphoria special, with part one airing on December 6th, take a peek at 25 of our favorite looks from season one. Then let us know your favorite look from this show in the comments section on social media.


Rue (portrayed by Zendaya) is the show’s narrator and throughout season one, she struggles with substance abuse and falls in love with Jules. In the show, Rue is the tomboy of the group and frequently sports gender bending outfits.

Although this look came during one of Rue’s darkest episodes of season one, we love the suspenders and trousers on her.

Rue looked dapper as ever going as Leo in “Romeo + Juliet” on Halloween.

This look gave us major dad vibes, but in the best way.

This Hawaii meets Guy Fieri shirt is epic.

Even Rue’s pajamas are totally noteworthy.


Jules (played by Hunter Schafer) is the new kid in school and quickly befriends Rue. Throughout the show, she battles with blackmail from fellow classmate Nate Jacobs after she rejects his advances.

This look officially introduces audiences to Jules and it’s the perfect blend of girly and grunge.

Jules’ first day of school look is outwardly feminine and just one of the many times she rocked a monochromatic look.

Jules’ carnival look is both innocent and dangerous at the same time.

Jules’ Jeremy Scott jacket and bold face makeup shows how the character is changing as the season goes on.

Jules’ finale look is one of the character’s most memorable and shows her darker side in full force.


Maddy (played by Alexa Demie) is the queen bee and throughout season one she struggles with her abusive relationship to Nate. In the show, Maddy is arguably the trendiest character, sporting daring looks the show off plenty of skin and are made for turning heads.

Although this is one of Maddy’s more demure looks, it’s still body hugging and fits her like a glove.

Maddy caught Nate’s attention (and the audience) in this Louis Vuitton printed set.

Maddy is giving us major ’90s Chanel vibes in this two piece set.

Perhaps one of her boldest looks, she made our jaws drop in this shocking cutout number.

We’re not sure how Maddy got away with wearing this to a school dance, but boy did she look good.


Cassie (played by Sydney Sweeney) is known for her infamous sexual past that stems from a troubled relationship with her father. In the show, Cassie frequently sports pastels and shifts from outfits that show off her curves to ones that are more girl next door.

This look showed that Cassie is more than just a girl with a body count, she’s an all American teenager.

Cassie’s Halloween look showed off her wit, despite getting some backlash from the boys in her life.

For the carnival, Cassie sports a baby blue top that’s innocent in color but edged out with metal detailing.

Again, Cassie effortlessly transitions from sexy to sweet from scene to scene.

Cassie’s homecoming look is total bombshell vibes and hearkens back to retro screen sirens.


Kat (played by Barbie Ferreira) goes through a major transformation throughout the show as she sheds her body insecurities and embraces her confident sexuality. Her style starts out kind of nerdy but quickly evolves into something edgy, badass and at times, dominatrix-esque.

This is one of the last looks Kat wears before her makeover and signals her shift in style.

Kat debuts her new look to the world with a Kitty choker, corset and plaid pants.

Kat’s red mall look gives us total vixen vibes.

Another baller look that Kat rocked to school, especially compared to Maddy’s conservative fit.

Kat gave us pure Bettie Page pin-up fantasy for her homecoming look.

Honorable Mention: Lexi as Bob Ross

Although Lexi (played by Maude Apatow) wasn’t one of the prominently featured characters in season one, we’ve got to give her props for her Halloween getup.