20 Creepy Creative Halloween Manicures

Get your claws ready for spooky season.

Now that nail salons have opened back up, we can finally start getting manicures on a regular basis. If you’re a nail enthusiast, you were probably struggling during the quarantine and had to watch your beautiful manicure grow out into a ragged mess. However, Halloween is the perfect opportunity to get your claws (and your life) back in order.

Halloween nails are some of my favorites, as there are so many ways you can celebrate the holiday. You can go super classic—think bats, black cats and Jack-‘o-lanterns. Or, you could go the horror route with dripping blood, eyeballs and stitches. Then there’s the pop culture angle, taking inspiration from cult classic Halloween movies such as “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” “The Addams Family,” “Halloween” and my personal favorite, “Hocus Pocus.” Take a look at some of our favorite Halloween manicures from talented tattoo artists around the world, then let us know your favorite set of claws from our list in the comments section on social media.

“The Nightmare Before Christmas”

From Jack to Sally to Oogy Boogy, there are tons of characters from this classic film that a talented nail artist can recreate for Halloween.

Vintage Halloween Art

Go back to the days of vintage Halloween masks with some quirky black cats and Jack-‘o-lanterns.

Witch Fingers

It never hurts to go full camp with your mani during spooky season.

“Hocus Pocus”

These portraits are phenomenal and we cannot wait to rewatch this movie.

“Spider Webs”

Classic, elegant yet still on brand.

Baby Bats

Who says Halloween nails need to be scary? These kawaii bats are totally cute!

Dripping Blood

The clear nails gives this manicure a super unique effect.

Creepy Calligraphy

Green slime, pink spider webs and badass lettering—what more could a girl want?

October Nights

The paint job on these nails is totally spooktacular.

Dark Arts

Now, I would actually wear these claws all year round.

“American Horror Story”

What’s your favorite season of “American Horror Story?” Mine’s Asylum!

“The Addams Family”

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky, they’re all together ooky—they’re Addams Family nails!

Black Cats

If these nails cross your path, we’d consider it to be good luck.

Pumpkin Patch

These pumpkin nails are too cute!

Ghoulish Ghosts

If you’re looking for minimalism, these ghosts are a great route to go down.


The details in these nails are out of this world.

The OG Fright

Michael Myers is quaking.

Cemetery Claws

I need these on my fingers ASAP.

Undead Art

These are creepy, cool and also cute.

Creepy Crypt

Let’s just leave 2020 behind and move into a haunted house.