15 Asian Alt Influencers You Should Already Be Following

This influencers have some seriously badass style.

So often, goth and alternative pages are over saturated with white or white passing influencers. However, there are tons of incredible, talented and beautiful women of color in this community. Asian Alt influencers are growing in numbers and thanks to social media, can connect with their followers like never before.

Goth music made it’s way to Asia shortly after it’s debut in England and the subculture has remained throughout the continent, particularly in Japan. You’ll see many adopting a goth and alternative approach in the street wear and Lolita communities, especially in Harajuku, Tokyo. Goth and alternative music is also big throughout Asia, as seen through groups like Baby Metal, Dreamcatcher and X Japan.

It’s time alternative styled Asian influencers got the shine they deserve and our readers can finally see the amazing diversity this culture has to offer. Take a peek at 15 of our favorite Asian goth and alternative influencers, then let us know who you’re following in the comments section on social media.

Kiki Wong

Kiki Wong is a Los Angeles based guitarist who’s grown a following on TikTok for her metal guitar riffs.

Mei Pang

This Toronto influencer is making major headway in the makeup world and her symmetrical tattoo collection is absolutely mesmerizing.

Alisha Gory

Originally from Seoul, Alisha Gory has made New York’s tattoo scene her home and slays one witchy tattoo after another.

Feral Creature

Eugenie is a NYC-based creative who’s dominating the fashion, beauty and lifestyle domains of social media.

Frankie Fictitious

Frankie is a world-renowned burlesque performer, tattoo collector and lover of maximalist interior decorating.


Amy Doan is the founder of Sugarpill Cosmetics and brings her pastel perfection from the beauty world to her social media.

Jenny Zhao

Jenny Zhao is a lover of fine lingerie, bondage and badass ink.

P.S. Kaguya

This New York City based influencer is a body and sex positive icon.

Chinq Pink

Chinq Pink is represented by some of the largest modeling agencies in the world and has modeled for big brands such as Savage X Fenty, Paper and Yeezy.

Claire Marshall

Claire Marshall is a Los Angeles based makeup artist and lifestyle blogger who’s paved the way for other creators on social media.

Divina Muse

Divina Muse is one of the most talented makeup artists around and her beauty looks are creative as hell.


Neptune has been a fan of anime and manga for decades, as evidenced by her expansive collection on her skin and around her home.

Stay Gold

Stay Gold is a top tier barber and stylist based in Los Angeles who uses her clippers to craft works of art.

Fruity Goon

This babe is not only an avid tattoo collector, she’s currently expecting and showing her baby bump off on social media.

Kina Shen

Kina Shen is the definition of an international sensation, dominating the fashion worlds in both her home country of China and in Los Angeles.