10 Wonderfully Witchy Handmade Lingerie Brands

These ethical fashion brands will help you spice things up in the bedroom.

Girl, let’s be real. You deserve better and your lady bits deserve the world. I know that buying cheap, factory made lingerie is tempting. Seriously, I’ve certainly been there myself. But these pieces don’t last, have a negative impact on the environment and the people who make the clothes aren’t treated ethically. There are tons of designers from around the world who specialize in unique lingerie and every gal deserves to feel one of a kind, especially in the bedroom. Plus, do you really think big brands have caught on to creating the kind of lingerie we’re coveting? I think not. Take a look at some of our favorite lingerie designers who create stunning pieces by hand in the gallery below and let us know your thoughts on these brands in the comments section on social media.


Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Price Range: $$

Vibe: Supreme of the Coven

Bows By Samantha Rose

Location: Long Island, New York

Price Range: $

Vobe: Pop Culture Baddie

Young Pup Lingerie

Location: Toronto, Canada

Price Range: $$

Vibe: Call Me Daddy


Location: London, UK

Price Range: $$

Vibe: Welcome to the Dungeon

Creepy Yeha

Location: New York, New York

Price Range: $$$

Vibe: I’m That Bitch

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Bad Star Lingerie

Location: France

Price Range: $$

Vibe: More is More

Solstice Intimates

Location: Tempe, Arizona and Nashville, Tennessee

Price Range: $$

Vibe: Groovy Baby

Alexandrea Anissa

Location: Reno, Nevada

Price Range: $$

Vibe: High Femme Realness

Hopeless Lingerie

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Price Range: $$

Vibe: Dark and Dangerous

Moldie Goldies

Location: Southern California

Price Range: $

Vibe: SoCal Sweetheart