10 To Die For Indie Makeup Brands You Won’t Find at Sephora

Say goodbye to the same basic brands and hello to exciting, fresh beauty

Back in the day, there were only a handful of makeup brands available for purchase at beauty salons and convenience stores. Now with the internet and social media, hundreds of beauty brands have been able to flourish. Some of our go to makeup products come from brands you won’t find at a CVS or in Sephora, instead building their clientele through influencer marketing and creative branding strategy. Take a look at 10 of our favorite independent makeup brands in the gallery below and let us know your favorite line in the comments section on social media.

ColourPop Cosmetics

Established in 2014, this Los Angeles based brand has grown leaps and bounds over the years. They’ve expanded their company to provide makeup products across the board and specialize in popular culture collaborations, which include “Sailor Moon,” Disney, “My Little Pony” and Hello Kitty.

Juvia’s Place

While many beauty brands have excluded women of color over the years, Juvia’s Place puts them at the forefront. The brand revolves around showcasing the vibrancy of Africa and their lines promise to flatter a variety of skin shades—providing full coverage where it’s needed and packing bright pigments where it’s desired.

Black Moon Cosmetics

Established in 2015, this brand amplifies goth beauty and is best known for their liquid to matte lipstick (which yes, comes in black). They’ve also expanded their brand to include colorful yet vampy eyeshadows, haunting highlighters and even have a scented yet satanic sanitizer.

Sugarpill Cosmetics

After beginning her journey with a DIY punk fashion line, founder Shrinkle had an eye for out of the box style and shifted her focus to beauty. In 2010, Sugarpill Cosmetics was born and since then, they’ve provided pretty, pastel and pigmented products to their growing following.

Winky Lux

Created in 2015, Winky Lux takes a playful aim at beauty and when it comes to their lip products, they’ve really used their imagination. From their wildly successful flower balm (which yes, contains a real flower) to their glitter and confetti PH balms, these products are both fun and functional.

Makeup Geek

Can’t decide between natural or colorful makeup? That’s where Makeup Geek comes in. They’re experts at both genres of beauty, allowing you to create casual daytime looks or dramatic creations for night.

Coloured Raine Cosmetics

Established in 2013, this brand specializes in diversity and “embraces all aspects of color through unity.” Their products are super pigmented and come in an array of exciting yet unusual colors.

Gerard Cosmetics

Based in Los Angeles, this brand got their start in 2014 with a gold bullet lipstick in the shade “1995.” Since then they’ve been a favorite of influencers and beauty vloggers, particularly when it comes to their velvety smooth matte lipsticks.

Sigma Beauty

Established in 2011, this brand will become your go to when it comes to brushes. Specializing cruelty-free synthetic brushes, this brand will seamlessly blend your shadows without causing bristle fallout.

Nomad Cosmetics

Taking inspiration from over 70 countries, this brand takes you around the world. With palettes inspired by Tokyo, Berlin, California and Marrakesh, this branding sure is one of a kind.