10 Last Minute Halloween Costumes That Aren’t Lame

Find your Halloween costume in your closet!

Most Halloween costumes these days are last minute ideas that can be thrown together for our closets. We have too much going on in our lives to plan in advance and honestly, who wants to buy a costume that you’ll only wear once? Luckily, there are plenty of great last minute concepts out there that you won’t see replicated a million times on Instagram. Take a look at 10 of our favorite last minute Halloween costumes and let us know what you’re going as this year in the comments section.

Tiffany Valentine

“Barbie, eat your heart out.” Channel Chucky’s bride this year and put the fright in fright night.

What you’ll need:

Dark eyeshadow and black lipstick

Black leather jacket

White dress


Combat boots

Black choker

Red and black body paint (for tattoo)

Optional: Blonde wig and butcher’s knife

CC @andcosplay

Nancy Downs

“Punk rock, let’s go!” Go as the 90s favorite bad witch and bring on the dark magic this Hallow’s Eve.

What you’ll need:

Dark eyeshadow/eyeliner and red lipstick

Black leather jacket

White button down shirt

Spiky choker and cross necklace

Plaid skirt


Combat boots

Optional: A coven

CC @kimberleyfussner

Lisbeth Salander

“I can be a regular bitch. Just try me.” Take it back to this Swedish literary classic and pay homage to the coolest hacker of all time.

What you’ll need:

Dark eyeshadow

Short hair/wig

Multiple face piercings (fakes will do the trick)

Black leather jacket

Heavily distressed t-shirt

Black skinny jeans

Combat boots

Multiple tattoos (again, fakes are fine)

Optional: Motorcycle

CC @carmenvalentina

Queen of Hearts

“Off with their heads!” Go classic, yet cool and embody one of the most ruthless characters to ever appear in a Disney movie.

What you’ll need:

An all red ensemble

Red lipstick

A deck (or two) of playing cards to make accessories

A crown

Optional: Body paint

CC @dazz_yoon

Lydia Deetz

“I myself am strange and unusual.” If you love darkness and things that go bump in the night, then Lydia is your girl.

What you’ll need:

A black, wide brim hat

A long sleeve black lace maxi dress

A black choker

A camera

Optional: Spiky black bangs

CC @bloudraak.jpg

Jennifer Check

“I’m going to eat your soul and shit it out Lesnicki!” “Jennifer’s Body” is having a major resurgence and we can all admit that Megan Fox had some of the greatest one liners of all time in this movie.

What you’ll need:

Fake blood (lots of it)

A white spaghetti strap dress

A black sash, belt or ribbon

White opera length gloves

A black cord necklace

Hair gel

Optional: A satanic boy band.

CC @laurendoescosplay


“Bitch, this isn’t the ’80s. You need to catch a dick.” “Euphoria” was a cultural reset and the outfits, *chef’s kiss.* For this look, you can go for an outfit from a specific character (Rue, Jules, Maddy, Kat or Cassie) or just take broad inspiration from the iconic styling.

What you’ll need:

LOTS of body glitter, rhinestones and sparkles

Your most Gen Z, E-girl, TikTok star outfit

Optional: Teen angst and a Labrinth playlist

CC @seven_moon_forest


“I don’t smile unless I have a reason.” If sarcasm is your first language, then Daria give the world your best Daria impression.

What you’ll need:

Black round glasses

A green jacket

An orange t-shirt

A black mini skirt

Combat boots

Optional: A permanent scowl

CC @curlleee

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

“Power. I have it. They don’t” Screw “Twilight,” we’re hunting vampires this year.

What you’ll need:

A black tanktop

Red pants

A wooden stake

Optional: Blonde wig

CC @spira_cosplay_


“You are my actual rainbow gel pen.” Embrace your awkward phase with Hulu’s favorite middle schoolers.

What you’ll need:

Capri pants

A striped crewneck t-shirt or tanktop

Adidas Superstar shoes

Butterfly clips

A backpack

Friendship necklaces

Optional: A hot pink thong

CC @awhimsywonderland