This TikToker is Recreating ‘Twilight’s’ Most Awkward Moments

What's your favorite "Twilight" movie?

I’ll come out and say it proudly, I love the “Twilight” saga. Do I think it’s Pulitzer Prize winning fiction or Oscar worthy film making? No, but it’s entertaining as hell to this day (especially if you’ve gotten a little toasty or tipsy). I grew up on “Twilight,” both the books and the films. I can remember going to a midnight book event at my local Barnes and Noble to pick up “New Moon,” (shout out to my dad for taking me to that). And as a freshman in high school, I had a huge Edward Cullen poster right above my head. While now I can recognize how glaringly problematic this series was by showcasing an incredibly toxic relationship, it’s still a part of me.

That’s why, when I stumbled across Brody Wellmaker on TikTok, his content spoke to me.

Brody Wellmaker is a popular TikTok creator who boasts 5 million followers on the platform. He’s gone viral with many of his videos, playing on viral trends such as #upperhalfduets. But perhaps the content he’s best known for is his parody of the most awkward and overacted scenes from the “Twilight” saga.

In his videos, Wellmaker plays a clip from the film and then recreates it. His picked up on the strange quirks of many of the characters, from fidgety Bella to energetic Jessica to robotic Edward. In each clip, he also always includes “Bella’s Lullaby,” which became the official song for the franchise during the first film’s release in 2008.

Wellmaker perfectly nails the mannerisms of the actors and when the footage cut up, shows how truly strange these films are. Plus, we’ve got to give him props for the way he’s picked apart this series with a fine toothed comb, as there are so many gems that even seasoned “Twilight” lovers may not have picked up on. Check out some of our favorite “Twilight” TikToks that Wellmaker has created in the gallery below, then let us know your favorite in the comments section on social media.