Ranking 20 Pop Culture Vampires From Meh to Bite Me Now

Who would you want to suck your blood?

Throughout literature, film, television and even comics, vampires have long been regarded as the sexiest creatures in fantasy. Not werewolves, not witches—but vampires. This trend started off with Bela Lugosi’s “Dracula” and over time, became a phenomenon that took over the mid-2000s, giving us heaps of vampire-human love stories to binge. We’ve narrowed down our top twenty vampires from popular culture, take a look at our picks and let us know if we forgot your favorite fanged fatale in the comments section on social media.

Count Chocula

Don’t get me wrong, I love chocolate (all kinds). But this Count just doesn’t do it for me.

Count Dracula—”Dracula” 1931

While he’s the OG, Dracula is pretty basic for a blood sucker.

Nosferatu—”Nosferatu” 1922

Is he the most conventionally attractive? No. But do I care? No!

Edward Cullen—”The Twilight Saga” 2008-2012

*Sigh* Yes, he’s sexy and Robert Pattinson can get it. But Edward is manipulative, controlling and totally toxic.

Count von Count—”Sesame Street” 1972-Present

I’ve never thought math was sexy, but I’ll give a guy with a catchy signature song a chance.

Lestat de Lioncourt— “Interview with a Vampire” 1994

I’m always down for a villain, but Tom Cruise definitely isn’t my cup of tea.

Eric Northman—”True Blood” 2008-2014

A vampire and a viking? Yes please!

Stefan Salvatore—”The Vampire Diaries” 2009-2017

Yes, he’s a good looking guy, there’s no denying that. But out of the Salvatore boys, I’ve always been a Damon girl.

Damon Salvatore—”The Vampire Diaries” 2009-2017

Elena and Damon’s relationship is a slow burn, giving us plenty of time to fall for the bad boy Salvatore brother.

Bill Compton—”True Blood” 2008-2014

His relationship with Sookie throughout the series is something truly different than what we’ve seen in vampire pop culture so far. Also, I’m a total sucker for a Southern gentleman.

Emmett Cullen— “Twilight” 2008-2012

While Emmett’s character is pretty one dimensional, those muscles really do it for me.

Angel— “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” 1997-2003

Buffy may have been destined to be a slayer, but her forbidden relationship with Angel was also written by the stars.

Blade— Marvel Universe 1973-Present

Definitely our number one human-vampire hybrid, sorry Renesmee.

The Countess— “American Horror Story: Hotel” 2015-2016

Glamorous, sex crazed, deadly and Gaga? Hell yes.

Satanico Pandemonium— “From Dusk till Dawn” 1996

Salma Hayak is a knockout in this film and the only reason she isn’t ranked higher is because the vampires in this film transform into terrifying snake creatures—yikes!

Laurent Da Revin— “Twilight” 2008-2012

I was seriously bummed when this character was killed off, how could you not be?

Selene— “Underworld” 2003-2016

Selene is a total badass and she’s arguably the most capable killer on this list.

David— “The Lost Boys” 1987

I can’t help myself, I’m extremely vulnerable to ’80s bad boys.

Akasha— “Queen of the Damned” 2002

The late Aailyah portrayed the vampire queen in the 2002 sequel to “Interview with a Vampire” and boy, does she do the role justice.

Louis de Pointe du Lac— “Interview with a Vampire” 1994

God damn. Brad Pitt is so beautiful and this couldn’t have gone any other way. You may disagree, but he’s my ultimate number one vampire. PERIOD.