20 Must Watch Horror Movies on Shudder

Get ready to get scared.

If you’ve already pilfered through the horror sections of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and HBO Max, it’s time to move onto the big leagues: Shudder. Shudder is a streaming platform that specializes in all things horror, offering a host of classic, contemporary and original content. And while their library of options may seem intimidating, fear not horror lovers, for we’ve made our own selection to help you get started. Take a peek at 20 must watch horror movies available on Shudder in the gallery below, then let us know your favorite film from this list in the comments section on social media.

“A Girl Walks Alone at Night” 2014

A skateboarding vampire known only as The Girl preys on misogynistic men in her Iranian city.

“A Tale of Two Sisters” 2003

A teenage reunites with her sister, father and stepmother in her countryside home, only to realize that things aren’t as they seem.

“Audition” 1999

A single man uses a dating service to find his new wife, only to learn that his love interest is more black widow than bride.

“Black Sunday” 1960

After being burned at the stake, a vampire witch returns from the dead and enacts terror centuries later.

“Cannibal Holocaust” 1980

A staple in the film footage genre, this film is to be watched but not enjoyed.

“Mandy” 2018

Cults, gratuitous violence and Nicholas Cage—enough said.

“Halloween” 1978

The one that started it all, this classic is a must see for all self-proclaimed horror fans.

“House of 1000 Corpses” 2003

Meet the Firefly family, a twisted band of violent freaks that could only have come from the mind of Rob Zombie.

“Porno” 2019

Sexually repressed teens come across an x-rated film and accidentally unleash a succubus onto their small town movie theater.

“Re-Animator” 1985

Kooky and campy, this essential 80s flick shows what happens when a medical student attempts to bring his headless professor back from the dead.

“Revenge” 2017

After being left for dead in the desert, a woman hunts down her attackers one-by-one in the name of revenge.

“The Love Witch” 2016

A beautiful and seductive witch moves to a small town, using her magic to find true love, at any means necessary.

“The Texas Chain Saw Massacre” 1974

A gang of Texas teens visit their deceased grandfather’s house only to become dinner to a family of deranged cannibals living next door.

“Train to Busan” 2016

A man and his daughter are trapped on a high speed train during a zombie outbreak.

“One Cut of the Dead” 2017

While shooting a low budget zombie film, the director and his crew are attacked by real zombies.

“Host” 2020

While talking through a video chatting app, six friends accidentally invite a demon into their chat and begin having paranormal experiences in their homes.

“The Wailing” 2016

After the arrival of a mysterious stranger, tensions rise in a rural village when a series of brutal murders occur.

“Tigers Are Not Afraid” 2017

After being abandoned by her mother, a young girl joins a street gang in a dangerous city impacted by the Mexican Drug War.

“Night of the Living Dead” 1968

A group of people are trapped in a farm house that’s under the attack of a mob of cannibalistic zombies.

“Ringu” 1998

A Japanese reporter investigates a video tape that kills those who view it seven days after watching it.