10 Horror Movies to Watch on Valentine’s Day

What are you doing this Valentine's Day?

Valentine’s Day is this weekend and we know that many of the readers aren’t the romantic comedy type. No fear, we’ve got you covered. There are plenty of horror movies made for Valentine’s Day and they’re totally binge worthy. Take a look at 10 of the top horror movies to watch on Valentine’s Day in the gallery below and let us know your thoughts on these films in the comments section on social media.

“My Bloody Valentine” 1981

This ’80s classic follows a small town that’s terrorized by a murderous assailant in mining gear on Valentine’s Day. If you’re a fan of this film, you should also check out the 2009 remake, “My Bloody Valentine 3D.”

“Audition” 1999

In this Japanese horror film, a widower holds an audition to find a new wife. He finds a beautiful woman to be his bride, only to discover she’s a black widow in disguise.

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“Bride of Chucky” 1998

This is the fourth installment of the “Child’s Play” series and introduced Jennifer Tilly’s Tiffany Valentine to the fandom. The film begins with Tiffany, the former girlfriend of human Chucky, reenacting him through voodoo, only to be turned into a doll by Chucky later on. The pair returned to the series for “Seed of Chucky” in 2004.

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“It Follows” 2014

Sexually transmitted diseases take on a monstrous form in this 2014 film, as one teen is terrorized by a mysterious killer entity after a first date gone wrong. Regarded as one of the best horror movies of the decade, this film is a must watch.

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“Valentine” 2001

Loosely based on a novel by Tom Savage, this film follows four friends who’re terrorized by a murderer wearing a Cupid mask. If you’re a fan of ’80s slasher movies, this film will be right up your alley.

“Let the Right One In” 2008

Another film based on a novel, this Swedish horror movie follows a twelve year old boy who befriends a young vampire that lives next door. This horror movie became a huge international success and led to an American remake “Let Me In” in 2010.

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“Warm Bodies” 2013

While this film is more comedy than horror, it still has plenty of zombies and gore. The film follows a love story between a zombie and a human, taking inspiration from William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.”

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“The Love Witch” 2016

Again, not the scariest film on this list, but if you’re a fan of witches and the 1960s, you need to see “The Love Witch.” This film follows a beautiful young witch named Elaine who uses her magic to find love and when it doesn’t work out, disastrous results ensue.

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“Bram Stoker’s Dracula” 1992

Based on the 1897 novel, this film stars Gary Oldman as Count Dracula and Winona Ryder as Mina Harker, giving the timeless classic a modern update. This film is a must watch for lovers of classic horror and it won an impressive three Academy Awards.

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“Crimson Peak” 2015

Directed by Guillermo del Toro, this film is set in Victorian England and follows an author, her husband and his sister who travel to a remote Gothic mansion. At the mansion, they must decipher the mysterious ghosts that haunt the home.

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