Reddit Users Share Their Dating Horror Stories

These stories make me never want to date again!

We’ve all had our fair share of bad dates. Whether that person was boring, rude or we just didn’t click, more first dates end in failure rather than success. However, have you ever met someone that makes you never want to date ever again? Someone who freaked you out and changed the way you approach dating for the rest of your life? Well, whether or not you’ve experienced this unfortunate fate, we can all sympathize with those who’ve been caught in the web of a crazy person. We’ve found some of the wildest first date stories shared to Reddit, take a peek at these horror stories and let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section on social media.

“Went to dinner, all was going well she seemed ok until she noticed my scar on the far side of my collarbone. I tell her it was from a car accident when 3 of my ribs broke ( doesn’t look super bad but is noticeable) she asks how big the scar is. I reluctantly tell her it goes down to around my bell button. She made an ew face and said ‘oh,’ she then proceeded to go use the restroom and never came back. After around 15 minutes I realized what had happened but decided to stay and eat. My waitress got to the table with the girls food and asked where my date was, I tell her she ditched after using the restroom excuse. She proceeds to apologize that someone would do that to me and asks if she can join me for dinner as she was about to clock out, I tell her of course (she seems very kind and cute). After talking for a while we really clicked and exchanged contact info. We’ve now been together for 3 years, she’s so beautiful and kind and honestly the best thing that ever happened to me all thanks to the shitty Tinder girl. So thank you Ashley.”—KaaalKaaal

“I [19F at the time, now 20] went on two dates with this guy [21M at the time]. Second date totally put me off (he was way too intense) and few days go by of texting. He admits that he has fallen in love with me. I, obviously overwhelmed, ask for some space with intent to let him down easy. He non-stop messages me, and I ask him for a couple of days with no contact. He gives me literally two days with no messaging, then goes back to his spamming. He starts telling me that he wants to be a priority over my best friend, I now tell him to leave me alone, he starts commenting on old pics of mine, I end up blocking him. Few months go by, I unblock him to see that he got engaged. Lucky girl!”—Anonymous

“About a year ago, I matched with a girl and we hit it off very well. Got her Snapchat after an hour of talking to her and started chatting on that. We had the same interests and she seemed very cool. I worked super late one day and didn’t text her all day because I was busy. I get done with work and see she messaged me ‘if you want to be my boyfriend, I need you to actually show you need me.’ Woah…I haven’t even met you yet. I slow down messaging thinking I’m going to fast until one day she asks ‘do you even want to be with me? I care about you so much and you don’t seem to want me!!!’ Again, I have never met this girl at this point. I proceed to do the right thing and tell her ‘I don’t think we’re in the same mindset, I’m sorry, we should just stop talking and move on.’ Few minutes later, she texts ‘I’ll drive up to meet you at your place.’ She’s never met me, I have never given her my address. I realized she found my address through the Snapchat map. I block her immediately. The next day I went to a hardware store and bought myself another bolt for my door that I still use today.”—TaterGang93

“I drive 100 miles to go out for coffee with a guy. He takes me to a chain coffee place that is rubbish, order 2 coffees and declines food, goes to pay with his card and it’s rejected due to insufficient funds. I pay and then question him and he tells me that wine his last break up he’s been living on his brothers couch and has borrowed his car to get there today. His life was a mess and he wasn’t doing anything about making it any better, just looking for a new girl to get him out of his brothers house. I wouldn’t be that girl. He tried messaging me for weeks saying how much he wanted to be with me (after our half hour of taking) until he finally got the message and left me alone. He was mad though. I booked the most expensive restaurant in town for dinner. I got to his place on time and he didn’t answer the door, or his phone. After about half an hour of waiting he finally opened the door and said he’d been asleep. At 4 in the afternoon on a weekend. We got to the restaurant late and almost missed our booking. He then tells me he left his wallet at home. Complains about the menu and orders a $50 steak, medium-well, complains about the wait. Finally gets his steak and complains it’s too pink. The server comes to check if it’s all ok as he hasn’t eaten any, and he says it’s fine(?!?!) so I end up paying for a $50 steak that he didn’t even eat or send back, and just complained about. I then dropped him back to his place and he got pissy that I wouldn’t come in for sex. He promised me he’d shout the next meal, I never saw him again. (On purpose).”—sharkieclarkie

“Not my date but my best friends and I was his getaway driver. First, this girl he met looked NOTHING like her profile pic. He made the mistake of letting her pick him up, which to me was a huge red flag because how are you gonna ghost if you’re really uncomfortable? Next, they went to eat. She was forcing him to kiss her and he said it almost felt like he was getting punched in the teeth. Following lunch, they saw a movie and she was getting mad at him for not looking at her and afterwards she began making crazy threats. He texted me while they were on the way to a bar to meet her friends and hang out after the movie… I went to this bar and left the back door open, he sprinted for my car and dove in the back seat, I began driving off, he shut the door and the crazy chick actually got in her car to give chase. Once we got to the highway it was over. By this time it was getting dark, we laid low for a little bit just to make sure we weren’t being followed still before going back on the main roads. During this time she was texting him all kinds of threats and then being disturbingly nice, then back to super vicious and evil when he didn’t respond within a minute. Good thing he got picked up at a local shopping center rather than his house. He stopped dating for a while after that.”—pitifuljester

“Hung out with a guy once and told him I’d get dinner with him later that week, but that I had a busy schedule. I was feeling sick the next day and told him I might not be able to hang out that night, and then I was in class and rugby practice so I didn’t check my phone for about 2 hours and I told him I’d be away from my phone. I look at my phone afterwards and see upwards of 10 missed calls/FaceTimes and lots of texts. I respond and tell him that I was in class and he goes ‘oh ok.’ I tell him I’m gonna shower off after practice and that I’m feeling sick but maybe we can hang after I get ready. I shower for maybe 10 minutes, come back to 10 more missed calls. I tell him sorry, I was in the shower, and that I was feeling too sick to hang out. 10 minutes later he goes ‘can I bring by a care package I brought for you?’ I’m weirded out but feel bad saying no so I tell him to bring it by a general spot on campus (not my dorm specifically). He comes by, I say hi and go back to my room, and afterwards he continues to send weird, possessive texts and Instagram messages. Sometime in this time I change a picture on my Tinder account and he texts me asking why I would do that after we were ‘doing so well.’ That’s the tipping point for me, I block his number and Instagram after he continues to call all the time, lie about his plans, tries to manipulate me into hanging out, and tell me how I’m just not whimsical enough for him (still don’t really know what prompted that). A few days later I get a Skype notification—he found my goddamn Skype account. We had hung out ONCE and only gotten lunch.”—hardwickemily

“Went on a date with this man who, within 10 minutes of meeting him, told me he was divorced. That’s all well and good, but then he told me that he still lived with his sister and ex-wife. I found out that a big reason he was on a date with me was because I look exactly like his ex-wife, and that’s why he asked me to pick him up at his house, so she would see me.”—the_binch

“Matched up with this guy and we went on a date to a pretty nice restaurant. We had a good time and he was very laid back and cool. He was only two years older (I was 19 he was 21) and after a while off talking proceeded to tell me that “even if I was 16 or 15, he would still date me’ and then it got even worse when he later on admitted a part off him wanted me to have lied about my age and been underage. If you think that was the worst, when I had made up some excuse so I could leave he turned to me and said that he was disappointed because in all off my photos it looked like I was 14.” —teklam0on