These Crystals Will Make You Lucky in Love

Are you ready for love?

As we head into summer and are able to see the finish line of the COVID-19 pandemic in sight, many of us are likely looking forward to dating once again. Unless you’ve been in a relationship, this last year has likely been tricky to navigate in terms of dating. It’s not like you could as easily just pop into a bar and meet someone by chance. However, things are finally looking up and I know that 2021 is going to be the summer of love.

I don’t know about you, but I could use a little help attracting love. For whatever reason, all I attract are f-boys, players and man children. That’s a no for me. But, luckily, there are some crystals that can help people like me to bring on the right vibes for finding the one.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is one of the most well-known and highly used crystals when it comes to attracting love into your life. Said to be the stone of universal love, rose quartz can aid in building trust, harmony and unconditional love in relationships. It works carefully in opening up the heart chakra and dispels negative energy by promoting loving vibes. This stone is not only great for embracing romantic love, as it can help with self-love, friendship and family love.


Sometimes, a little luck goes a long way. Aventurine is a stone that brings about luck in your life and this definitely helps when it comes to dating. Aventurine is also a great stone for opening communication barriers, as it promotes compassion, stabilizes the mind and balances male-female energies. This stone comes in many different colors, but when it comes to love, green aventurine is the most effective for opening the heart chakra.


Garnet is another stone know for it’s connection with love. Garnet, specifically red garnet, is connected with the heart chakra and is a stone for promoting commitment. It inspires love, passion and devotion, as well as enhancing sexuality and libido. It also helps to promote self-confidence and alleviates emotional disharmony.


If you need compassion in your love life, this stone has got you covered. Rhodonite is an emotionally balancing crystals, helping to heal wounds of the past and open up the heart chakra to new love. It’s the perfect stone if you’re suffering from a broken heart, as it helps you to move on and start fresh with a budding relationship.


Many of us have bad habits that need breaking when it comes to dating. Malachite is a powerful protection stone that protects the user from negative energy and encourages positive change. This stone will help you to forget your old ways and push you toward a healthier way of attracting love.